What can I expect in the Syro-Malankara rite?

I’m a Latin rite Catholic who, like most of my contemporaries growing up in the UK, has little to no knowledge of other rites :frowning:

My parish has a resident priest who is chaplain to the Syro-Malankara community and has recently started offering a weekday Mass (it is designated as such in the parish bulletin, I don’t know what the proper term for the liturgy is).

I am interested in attending but what do I need to know first? I can’t go for a few weeks anyway as it’s on an evening when I’ll have to stay at home with my daughter, but I look forward to it in the future and just wanted to prepare myself.

Any information would be most helpful!

From being in the church while the Mass is being set up, I have been able to gauge what standard of dress seems appropriate, that Mass is celebrated at the low altar, and that they use huge speakers for music (even though we already have quite a good PA system so I guess this must be really good), which would seem, although I could be wrong, to be of the keyboard and guitar type.

It also seems as though most of the congregation is made up of the local Indian population in general rather than the Syro-Malankara community, but I guess by the time I attend they’ll all be used to what do say and do even if they weren’t before, so I’ll still be the odd one out!

Just give me really basic information on the similarities/differences with Latin Rite . . . treat me like an idiot and tell me all the stuff you would think anyone would already know. I probably don’t.

Thanks for any help.

There are a fair number of videos of the Syro-Malankara liturgy available. Here’s a link to get started. :slight_smile:

Wow, that first link is amazing, I can’t wait to experience this!

Great use of the thurible :slight_smile:

I’ll check out some of the links on the side when I get a chance later.

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