What can I use to convince my brother not to convert to Islam?

Could someone please recommend books (or videos, or anything) that would convince my brother to remain Catholic instead of becoming Muslim? Since I am “only” his brother (whose faults and foibles he well knows) and he is very independent minded (and very intelligent), I don’t think that I by myself am capable of arguing him out of it. I don’t want something that merely gives a general overview of Islam, or even something that merely describes the differences between Catholicism and Islam, but something that proves that Catholicism is true and Islam is false. Either he could read it or them, or if he refuses, I could read it or them and try my best to debate with him. I also humbly ask for the prayers of anyone that reads this.

Accept that you are not and cannot be responsible for keeping your brother Catholic or for “convincing” him that Islam is false. You can give him materials to read, and overviews of the differences between Catholicism and Islam are a place to start; but ultimately you must pray and sacrifice for your brother. It is the Holy Spirit who convinces, and only then if the person freely chooses to follow the Spirit’s promptings. Remember St. Thomas More who said to his daughter about her husband, William Roper, who had left the Catholic faith:

Meg, I have borne a long time with thy husband. I have reasoned and argued with him in these points of religion, and still given to him my poor fatherly counsel, but I perceive none of all this able to call him home; and therefore, Meg, I will no longer dispute with him, but will clean give him over and get me to God and pray for him.

Roper returned to the faith and attributed his reversion to his father-in-law’s prayers for him. He became one of the earliest biographers of St. Thomas More.

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