What Can the Pope Do? Poll

May I ask members of this Forum to participate in a poll thread I started in the Apologetics Forum:




I’m sure that what the pope can do is outlined in the CCL and CECL, and therefore polls (except to see how well these things are known by the person in the pew) are meaningless.

Can someone post the relevant paragraphs?

If you have not read it yet, here are some of the things the Church teaches regarding the Pope’s divine and canonical obligations towards his brother bishops:

You can glean much from our canons (both Latin and Eastern). For example, the Pope does not have the authority to harm the acquired rights of another, or do something contrary to law or approved custom. Another is that any cleric may appeal any decision to the Pope, but only with permission from his own Patriarch.

Give all that, I think we can still use some clarification on certain points.:smiley:


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