What can we do about the shootings?

What can be done to stop the shooting of people around the country?
The recent shootings in El Paso and Dayton were horrendous.
The El Paso shooter seemed to leave a manifesto of hate for Hispanics.
Why do some people seem to feel the need to resort to violence?
Hate seems to be rampant all over this country.
Are there any answers to be had, or do we just pray for the victims and wait for the next shooting to occur?


While praying for the victims is good, there needs to be more action taken.

Why not have sensible gun policy? More funding for mental health?

Our rate of homicides committed with firearms is much higher than the rest of the developed world. Clearly they are doing something right that we are not…


We can help change the culture we live in from one of
1 unrestrained passion and self expression
2 assertion of absolute personal autonomy
3 assertion of personal license in the name of freedom


A culture that appreciates the objective value of human life and cultivates the virtues pursuant to that value.

Why should these shootings be a surprise to anyone in a culture that kills tens of millions of defenseless people in the span of a few decades?
What answer do we have to the devaluation of human life in this culture? We have no answer but “it’s my right to kill people”.

Mother Theresa:

But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child
And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?
Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.


We have chaos and there is a feeling that it is because people have too much freedom.

During the federal Reconstruction period in the US following the Civil War to abolish slavery, the feeling was that chaos would reign for the same reason—too much freedom, so instead of just abolishing slavery, the federal government forced racist lawmakers who wanted to rob poc of their human rights (in the name of preventing chaos), to instead progressively defend all the rights of poc in all their laws.

When the Republicans lost federal power, federal Reconstruction ended, and racist lawmakers made laws robbing poc of their rights. And then chaos did reign, and it still does.

We need to bring back federal Reconstruction, and throughout the whole country, and all of our rights must be forcibly defended against those today, who are like the racist lawmakers who made racist laws after federal Reconstruction (hopefully only temporarily) ended.

This is just classical liberalism, it is not extremism.


We have chaos because people have made gods out of personal autonomy and exercise of passions.
These sins breed chaos. Sin breeds death. What we are seeing is the bad fruit of the culture of absolute license.

And I would be willing to lay much of the blame on the release of sexual passion due to pornography. Our culture has made a god out of sexuality. And no sin exists in isolation. If a person becomes predisposed to pursuing passions in one area he/she will lose control of his/her life in all areas and be destroyed. These shooters are people who have been destroyed by indulging the toxic swill our culture offers.


There are ways and means, but even suggesting them brings forth a huge attack from the gun lobby and its supporters. A few days ago I saw a thread composed of politically inspired cartoons, but it is now gone. If we cannot even discuss the problem, how can we supply a solution?


Dayton is my hometown. This broke my heart! I really hope this incident was not racially motivated…the shooters sister was one of the victims! Dayton is almost 50/50 black and white yet is still one of the most racially segregated in neighborhoods!

Answers to the problems? I really don’t know but mental health solutions needs to be a top priority. The Dayton shooter leagally purchased his guns and had no police record…however, he did have a history of making a kill list previously.

Making it harder for mentally unstable people to get guns may infringe on some rights for otherwise eligible people but at some point, we have to step on a few people’s rights to gain progress in mass shootings. I don’t know where that line is. I don’t know what the answer is. I’d like some legislators to really look into with much more depth than they currently are.


Well, I now concealed carry everywhere I legally can. I hope I never have to stop a mass shooting, but I refuse to be a helpless victim.


Vote, Vote and Vote

Need sensible gun control laws that go further than current laws the books - thorough background checks, waiting periods, restrictions on weapon type and red flag laws to identify high risk buyers

Next we need to vote in leaders who do not stoke the flames of hatred and give tacit approval to violence. It would be good to have more honorable people in government leadership positions.


In a culture that has legalized the death of helpless innocents, are you surprised that we elect leaders that can’t control their thoughts or their mouths?
Do you think self control is a switch to be turned on and off easily?

You have to work real hard to have the rotten culture we are enduring. And the blame is on all of us, not on guns and certain politicians.


Better than being unarmed for sure. But the reality is that these headlining mass shooters are using longguns with a greater range than your concealed handgun, and so that makes you outgunned if you ever find yourself in their monstrous company.

The right to bear arms is at minimum the right to carry a gun, and in the present world, the reasonable option is a long gun and not just a handgun.

That’s just tactical, and I am just a classical liberal.


It would be impossible, I think, to be more fiscally and theologically conservative than I.
You might expect vitriol and invective regarding gun control. Nope, I’m all for it.
Sensibly applied of course - and that’s where this argument breaks down. In this country, in large part because of the polarized factions of left and right, I cannot trust those opposing my views to “ control” my 2A right to own and carry a gun. The excesses of the political right are only exceeded by the excesses of the political left - if we had honest and honorable lawmakers it could be different and it wouldn’t be difficult.
My suggestion is that we begin electing honest, honorable, loyal, patriotic statesmen…then let’s straighten out what is this miss.
Until then - we shall and will endure this un- GODly society that America has so embraced.

Immaculate heart of Mary, pray for us.


In a culture that has legalized the death of helpless innocents, are you surprised that we elect leaders that can’t control their thoughts or their mouths?

No, I’m not surprised… babies are being killed, modern slavery is rampant in the defacto class system we have, immigrants are vilified and the elderly are left for waste or worse yet, they are killed too.

Do you think self control is a switch to be turned on and off easily?

No, I think it is going to be long hard work.

You have to work real hard to have the rotten culture we are enduring. And the blame is on all of us, not on guns and certain politicians.

Agreed… there is plenty of blame to go around… that is why I recommend voting and voting and voting for Catholic principles - pro-life for the whole life.

However, I’m not sure that one could make a credible argument that the availability of guns in the US is not part of problem. If these lunatics, were having fist fights instead of pumping bullets in to crowds, we would be in a better place.


The most salient suggestions I’ve seen to date (originally written two years ago, but still relevant):

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We can do all in our power to remove the stigma of mental illness. People ought feel no shame for taking their child to a doc for mental health treatment, regular screenings should be simply part of everyone’s annual check up.

Oh, but, to do that, we will have to have universal health care so everyone has access to a physician for an annual check up.

Then we need to end all “professional” lobbying of state and federal government. This will force our elected representatives to listen to their consistuants instead of to professional lobbyists.

Campaign finance overhaul.

Transparency for every elected official, no hiding of tax returns, etc. If you decide to run for office, you open every kimono.

Only then can we maybe get to a place where laws are informed by right thinking and compassion and justice and mercy.


From what I’ve read about the Dayton shooting, officers patrol the area regularly and the shooter was put down within minutes of the start of the shootings. Would a concealed carry have made a difference? Maybe, maybe not. I tend to favor concealed carry and used to do so. I definitely feel that concealed carry permits should be hard to obtain with even more extensive checks and required safety and training in its use…especially the training.


We can be the voice of the Gospel. And that’s about it. Violence is part if our fallen world. Short of the second coming we cannot stop it.


I agree, in part at least. But it’s hard sometimes to have the conversation because such silly gun laws are proposed, that often wouldn’t address the issue, but you are a Bad Person if you say that.

We also have to understand that gun laws are like a breathing treatment for pneumonia. Yes, you’ll knock back the symptoms for a bit; and its a serious step worth taking. But you aren’t treating the root cause.

The real question we have to ask ourselves is why are people committing mass murder?

This is a harder question.
It’s a question that is more spiritual and moral in nature.
And it’s a question that can hit at the core of both parties ideologies.
It’s a painful quesion to ask and answer.

So what do we do?

Take the steps we can. Absolutely. But be serious about addressing the root cause. Let God back in. Realize objective morality is a thing. Realize that stuff can’t fill our own God shaped holes.

We have a culture as badly in need of the gospels as pagan Rome was. But one that is more rejecting of Christianity due to the sins of our own past, and the license of the present anti-philosophy that exists.

Just my $0.02


I think it was 30 seconds.

I don’t think the leos /heroes who stopped the massacre from continuing were armed with anything more than handguns, so concealed carry could very well have made a difference, yes.

Studies repeatedly show that Carry concealed weapons (ccw) permit holders commit fewer crimes than the general public does.


Of course this is the case, past behavior is a good indicator of future performance. Those who have lived a life that will pass the CCW background check will likely lead law abiding lives in the future

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