What can we do about the shootings?

Did you tell your friend that this makes him sound like a homophobic bigot, a racist, a misogynist, and, because I very much doubt that teachers tell their students that they are “evil”, frankly quite delusional? Did he actually use the word “sodomite” or is that your choice of wording? It sounds like your friend is probably spending too much time hanging out on men’s rights forums, watching Jordan Peterson videos, and reading conspiracy theories disseminated by white supremacists.

Really? Do you have any evidence for the decline of western civilization? I live in western civilization and it seems to be going strong. Okay, we in the UK have a no-deal Brexit looming and our two main political parties are led by Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, but in the big scheme of things these are small details.

Huh? Have you actually read it in full? It’s just filled with hatred and racism and murderous intentions. You are right that he doesn’t sound mentally ill at all. He sounds like a cold-blooded murderer motivated by hatred. He does end up sounding a bit unhinged when starts talking about Europe and how we Europeans can’t defend our “country” (sic) because we don’t have guns.

But there is no evidence for that at all. I see nothing at all happening in the US today to suggest that “the next step” will be some kind of regression to something resembling medieval Europe.

But we’re clearly not.

I’ve read it as well, it was chillingly similar to Breivik’s manifesto. That was no mentally I’ll person, he was nothing more than a terrorist. Why are Americans so scared of calling things by there proper names?


It has been awhile since the shootings in El Paso and Dayton.
Though much has been said, little, if anything, has been done.
So, I guess we can expect more shootings in the future.

I’m sure if they do the proverbial “something” you can expect shootings to continue as well.

Get rid of high repetition military capable guns. period. Go to a gun show and see the type of dark people who buy these guns there. You can’t hunt with them, expensive, not for target shooting and designed from the ground up to kill lots of people. Too much crazy TV and video games.
I do not think people need to feel they have all this crazy power over other people. Get a legal pistol permit with a safety class and background check if a person needs protection.

There is much that can be done.
But the politicians have no will to get it done.
In 2020, every person running for the House, the Senate or the White House should be asked to sign a pledge to outlaw assault weapons, to establish background checks for those buying guns, close the gun show loophole, and reduce the magazines that hold bullets to 10 or less, etc.
There should be a buy-back fund established to get guns off the street.
And how about a $100 tax on every gun sold and $50 tax on every box of ammunition sold. Let that tax money to be used to help those families who have been hurt by gun violence.

Cool. What are assault weapons? Are they weapons used in a crime or scary looking weapons?

They already have that. Is there a reason to duplicate laws?

Can’t speak to that other than recalling information pointing out its bogus.

They did that in California. Mass shootings still happen there.

I don’t really want to spend my tax dollars buying guns from people who aren’t using them to kill people. Seems like a huge waste of money. Maybe get a private anti-gun organization to do it with donations from true believers?

Guns are already expensive. The people who buy them will pay it. I thought you wanted to stop people from getting guns.

See above. Or they’ll just make it or buy it black market. It won’t be hard to get. It’ll be like buying loose cigarettes in New York or whiskey at a speak easy.

Ah, punish the innocent to heal the innocent.

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That’s not vague at all. :roll_eyes:

I’ll bet you that 99% are law abiding citizens.

Yes you can hunt with an AR-15. Maybe not everywhere but it is possible.

Pistols aren’t cheap either.

Plenty of people target practice with semi-automatic rifles.


I blame info-tainment. I think they call it news.

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You can plink with those guns I agree. That’s a ton of firepower with all the assaults these days. You didn’t see all of these a generation ago. The police need to purchase military battle wagons to take these people down. People are good 99% but mass shootings happen it seems every week. We had a dozen killed in my peaceful town.

Until the nation brings God back into it’s laws and culture, our nation will remain under the heel of Freemasonic “liberty” and people will continue to commit evil agianst one another.

What exactly would that entail?

Liberty is not necessarily bad.

So just do nothing, because you don’t like the arguments for trying to do something?
Your solution…do nothing?

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Sometimes “something” is worse than nothing. Just because someone has an idea doesn’t mean it is good.


The law of unintended consequences!


…is constantly proven true.


But how can we know if something is not a good idea, unless we try it?
The NRA and other pro-gun, any gun, no restrictions advocates do not believe than any laws or restrictions will help. The slippery slope theory.
Why not try to limit gun sales to people who might contemplate a shooting like at Dayton or El Paso. We could see if if makes thing better. If it does not, we could always change the rule back to what it was before.
Doing nothing obviously is not accomplishing anything.
Thoughts and prayers are not enough. We need action.

we can do not much. Maybe some charity program can help ease this problem

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