What can we do to bring back Catholic identity to colleges?


What steps can we take to bring back Catholic identity to Catholic colleges?


Catholic identity to Catholic colleges or Catholic identity to non-Catholic colleges?

I think you have asked the million dollar question. If there were an easy answer to it, I’d sure like to know!

One thing we can do is to support those Catholic colleges and universities that do have a strong Catholic identity.

At those “other” Catholic colleges, a lot can be done by the students. Students can encourage things like perpetual adoration, benediction, late-night rosary groups, pro-life groups, an occassional EF Mass, solid Bible study groups, apologetics courses, stump-the-priest sessions, and anything else that might spur others to embrace their Catholic identity.

On non-Catholic campuses, I suppose you would do much the same, except your efforts would be channeled through the campus Newman center.


Support the Cardinal Newman Society cardinalnewmansociety.org/, whose reason for existence is to do exactly that.

If you are a student at a so-called Catholic college that isn’t acting in a Catholic way, be vocal to the administration. Make suggestions on how they can improve the situation. By doing so you can make it better for future students.

If you are applying to college, apply to one that is really Catholic. If you have Catholic friends who are applying to so-called Catholic colleges, inform them of the problems, and make some better suggestions to them.

If you are a parent or alumnus, with financial means to donate to your child’s college or your alma mater, make your donations to colleges that are faithful to the Church, and let the offending college know that you are doing so, and why. Money talks.


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