What Can We do To Help Our Church

I have been around so many Protestants, My ex, Her mother, Brother, etc, things do not work because I did not “convert” to their church, I have hear to many “Catholics” who changed church for different reasons, but many times for ignorance or Feelings, oh mass i boring etc… I have been many times invited to churches, never get invited to a catholic church, thank God, and my Mother I’m Catholic, but i was a dead catholic, now I want to be a real one, Follow Jesus the right way, not my way, so what can we do to help the church. to prevent others steal our Brothers with lies, some are really good people, but a lie is a lie… don’t you think we can do more, I’m always look for the priest and give him ideas, sometimes he hear me sometimes not, but I’m still asking, also I would love to see Parishes working together, and i think in my area they do that , also I believe we need more ministers for young people, that is something that our awaiting brothers work a lot.
Thank you guys

Good question.

At some level the solution belongs to the Holy Ghost alone; only he can move hearts. And it is primarily the priest’s job to care for the flock. And we cannot stop people from having free will or abusing it if they choose to. People left Jesus after hearing the truth from his own lips. That said, we can either help solve the problem or make it worse.

Why do people leave? Occasionally people get upset over something that happens; but more often I think they just drift away because the faith is obscured, so that they see nothing to hang onto. And this largely because of failure on the part of the local church: (1) public worship that is not conducted in a holy way; (2) poor instruction in the faith. These contribute to (3) lukewarm parishioners, who themselves either drift away, or make the faith appear bland.

The priest has to take the lead on these things, but it’s not our job to tell him that; that’s the bishop’s job. We must pray for our bishops and priests, make sacrifices, and help them in any way we can.

We can also help cement the bonds between us as a community of faith, through active participation in public worship, acts of charity and mercy, and community life, such as rosary groups, parish picnics, etc. But most of all acts of charity. And that’s something each person has to decide, with the help of God’s grace, to do himself. But we can pray that God gives us the grace.

What about get involved on church activities, I saw something call St Paul street Evangelization and i think that is Awesome, We can learn our Faith, Learn the Scriptures and go to the street to evangelize, or answer questions, there is too many people back there who don’t really know what is the Catholic church about, the only now the bad thing, media and other churches inventions. go to Jails, Hospitals, … i don’t know i just give ideas, also i agree that pray is really important and necessary.

I think its funny how a lot of people leave the Church and they say “I found the truth at my Church”, but the irony is that their is only 1 truth and that’s the Catholic Church.

What we need is good evangelization, good apologetics, and above know the Bible and be able to defend our beliefs using their rule “Bible Only”.

Good point – evangelization can help bond us together and sharpen us, as well as reach out to other souls. There are groups that do this kind of thing, like the Legion of Mary. I think it is best to do it under the guidance of a priest and in an organization with a plan, rather than just improvising.

Hi guys, Speaking on what can we do for help our Church, I want to share with you some information about a Nun, which have a Beautiful Ministry, I know most of the members of this forum speak English, but if any of you Understand some Spanish or even if your not, but You love Catholic music, I would recommend you that support her on anyway you can, it can be just going to her Facebook page and Like her, Her Name is Hermanda Glenda,(sister Glenda) I went to A concert last Saturday and this is really a Women who love the church, she travels the world with her music and the gospel, Defending our church and Our Mother Mary, She said something that touch my heart and I think is true we Live I a Protestant country where a lot of people are leaving Our Mother Mary out of the picture, even many Catholics are loosing her faith on love for her, she told everybody that where Mary is also is the Holy Spirit, and told Us, Never… please never let anybody take the love of Our Mother Mary from you, Thanks Guys please check her website and like i said if we can help her on any way should be Great !!

I love Jesus, and I Love His Mother, My Mother, Our Mother Mary

I want to share a though and a experience with you guys, I know Church is not a competition, or a marketing thing, but we see on other Churches that they use strategies for gain more people to their churches, with a bad intention? I don’t know I’m nobody to judge, but sure many are with a god intention to share the gospel and show Jesus to people, in my city, some “Christians” churches go to the public schools and share with kids, etc, it is sad for me that in my city there is not a single one catholic radio station on Fm, instead there is 3 in English reach FM owned by Calvary chapel ftl,there is one in Spanish call Alma FM, I don’t know how many are in A.M but I’m sure there is plenty, I found one call Radio Paz on A.M a spanish catholic station, which sometimes do not work very well, so If i Want to expose my kids or other to a Catholic Music for example in the radio is not possible, instead they hear reach fm, and the other christian station, my point is we need to work on those kind of things, maybe talking to our priests, In my country Colombia, they have plenty Radio Maria, they have a own Catholic Chanel Call Cristovision etc, We need to find the way to reach young people, Kids and show them the true and the beauty of our faith, specially in this “protestant” country, look my kids are exciting because their church is going to have a Big service on a arena DEC 18, I’m not saying we have to copy everything the others do, I’m not Impress for those things, but it is hard to a 11 year old to understand something like that.

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