What can we do to help the persecuted Church?

What can we do at a grassroots effort to support the persecuted Church? How can we get spiritual and emotional support, if not financial, to the places it is needed? Any ideas?

Driver, Bodyguards Buried
The three Christians killed in Rahho’s abduction last week were buried last Saturday (March 1) in the village of Karamlis, 15 miles east of Mosul.

Driver Faris Gorgis Khoder and bodyguards Samir and Ramy left behind young wives and three children each, the oldest of whom are in their early teens, a priest close to the negotiations said.

“The church priests tried to help them with psychological [counseling],” the priest said. “But it’s not easy. What can we say to them?”

The cleric said that two of the families are now staying with relatives outside of Mosul, while the third family has returned to the city.

“The lone source of life by salary was from their husbands, the fathers who were killed,” the priest said. “So now maybe the parents or maybe the neighbors, they help them for a little bit, but not a long time because everybody is poor here.”

I dont know but wouldnt it be great if they knew of specific people people that prayed for and empathiazed with their situation. Im sure they must know many members of the Church are praying for them but in their situation it would probably mean so much if they knew of some specific people who were supporting them spiritually and emotionally. The big thing here is communication with them, how? M,aybe through the local hierarchy of the Chaldean Church here? It might be nice to be able to spiritually adopt people in a group or whatever. I dont know, just fast unthought out suggestions off the top of my head. Maybe some better minds here can come up with specifics in that direction?:shrug: ****

Prayer is a good start…

Yes, it is a start

Helen-Margaret, I was thinking the same thing. We would probably need someone who is fluent in English and Arabic to help coordinate.

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I think one way is to have simple letters of support (spiritual and emotional) and any financial support sent to the Chaldean Eparchy in the Western US, with a note to send these to the Chaldean Church in Iraq for the benefit of the suffering families of the victims: Driver Faris Gorgis Khoder, and bodyguards Samir and Ramy, who died protecting their Archbishop Mar Paulus Faraj Rahho.

Here is the Eparchy address:

Attention: Fr. Andrew Younan
St. Peter The Apostle Diocese
1627 Jamacha Way
El Cajon, CA 92019

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Another way is to simply go to this site and donate to CNEWA for the Iraqi Christians.


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Perhaps a trust fund could be established for the widows and orphans of those clerics and minor clerics martyred.

I think another thing we can do is to use every venue, including word of mouth, to let others know about the trials of suffering Christians in predominately Mahometan countries.

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