What can we do with this?


An atheist group is running ads on two dozen New York City buses to raise “atheist pride” among nonbelievers.

Buy ads on three dozen buses.

God bless you

The text of the ad is “You don’t have to believe in god to be a moral or ethical person.” So, unless you want to dispute this (and look like quite a bigot in the process), I don’t see what you really can do.

Well it depends on your idea of ethics. I know several atheists (I am surrounded by them, I fear) who are moral, ethical, kind people. Of course, this isn’t always the case. Nor is it always the case for religious people, either. Certainly atheists don’t like all morals, but some are different than Catholic morals. We believe that the teachings of the Church to be the ultimate Truth. Hence, atheism, the lack of belief in Christ, is immoral in itself.
I don’t know myself of any atheists who have problems with abortion. That is immoral.
We are not criticizing the people. We love and care for them, that is why we want to bring them to Christ. Nor do we believe that they are entirely immoral; all people have a basic moral compass in their hearts. Whether they choose to follow it or not is another story.

I like that idea! :thumbsup:

So then why isn’t someone doing it? The Atheists found a way do adorn two dozen buses. Can a couple of billion Christians not do the same?

Wouldn’t a sign that reads " God is the very essence of morality" be disputed by their sign thus making them the bigots?

And write on them:
You don’t have to believe in God to be a moral or ethical person, but you have to believe in Him to gain eternity in heavens

Disagreeing with someone isn’t bigoted. Categorically describing atheists as immoral, however…

Good idea! I say we all get together and get this project rolling. :slight_smile:

Lol, I think most people just roll their eyes. Unfortunately, though, atheists have become more visible than the Church in society. That’s a problem, even if the attention atheism gets is lame - like this bus thing.

You don’t have to, no, but without his existence one couldn’t be a moral person. Denying his existence doesn’t change the fact He exists, so therefore a nonbeliever could still follow standards of morality established by a creator whose existence they dispute.

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