What can we expect when getting married in the Church?

My (civilly married) husband and I will be getting married in the Church soon. We have been together for 13 years. I was baptized catholic, but my parents had left the Church when I was at a young age and I had never been confirmed. My husband had never been baptized and had two previous (civil) marriages end in divorce before we got together. We went through RCIA and entered into the Church in 2012, our children were baptized and I was confirmed. Since then, we have been going through the annulment process prayerfully and patiently awaiting my husbands baptism and our marriage to be validated. His first marriage has been declared null and we’ve got the ball rolling on his second annulment. We are fairly confident it too will be declared null. So that leaves the question, what will happen next?

What I’m wondering is, will we have to receive marriage instruction? If so, what would that entail?

Also, will we have to do a whole new (formal) marriage ceremony or will it be more of a blessing of our existing marriage?

Thank you for your consideration.

It would be highly unusual for a civilly married couple to go through marriage instruction. The priest will simply make sure that you both understand what the Catholic Church teaches about marriage. It should be a relatively short paper work process.

As for the ceremony itself, usually it is a simple ceremony with the exchanged of vows, blessing of rings, and the church’s marriage blessing. I’d estimate its no more than 10-15 minutes.

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