"What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family."


"What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family."
Mother Teresa

This is such a powerful statement that Mother Theresa made. Food for discussion…

How have you promoted world peace lately?


It's a wonderful statement that I remember hearing back when Mother Teresa was still with us on earth.

Thank you for posting it.

My children are grown up and moved away now. But my husband and I are committed to being a good aunt and uncle to our nephews and niece. We provide ice skating lessons for our nephew each week, and enjoy taking him to his lessons and having some fun with him afterwards in the indoor playground at the rink.

I also believe that anytime we work with and for children, not necessarily from our own family, that we are promoting life and peace. I am playing piano (at no charge) for two Catholic school graduations this week, and I consider it an honor to be the musician for the young people who are moving on and up in their lives. I hope that my playing inspires them to be faithful to Jesus Christ and to live their lives for Him and others.


Nice Cat!

I'm working on being calm with my children even when I feel angry with them. I am noticing a huge improvement not only with my DD, but with my husband as well. By modeling this behaviour, my husband is beginning to follow suit.

Last night, my 18 month old son had a meltdown and he got himself so worked up with emotion that he couldn't calm himself down. It took 45 minutes to calm him down and I just held him and let him know he was ok. He was in such a panic! It must have scared him to death.

My husband and I normally would have had a fight over this, but b/c I stayed calm, I think I also had a calming effect on my husband.

It's much easier said than done b/c I threw the kids in the bath 1/2 hour early and they began acting up in the bath and I found myself getting a little short tempered with my DD. I realized that I had given into my anger a little bit and as soon as I calmed down, I hugged my DD, apologized and told her that I lost my patience.

She said, "Where did your patience go mommy?"


I try, though being human I fail at times but I try, to practice tolerance, respect and understanding of others who may have different faith beliefs than I. And not to judge based on creed, race, sexual orientation, and the like. I have wonderful Muslim neighbors for instance. And they have more than once expressed to me how grateful they have been for the love I have shown them as my neighbors. When so many others have frowned upon them. We live together in peace. We have even exchanged Christmas gifts. Shared meals together. I can’t find them in a store but I have even purchased blank greeting cards before and turned them into Ramadan greetings with God’s blessings for them.

We are all His family. Created by the same Creator. Peace on earth and goodwill towards all.


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