What can you infer from this sentence?

“The wonder of creating new life makes pregnancy an exciting time.”

To me it implies the speaker believes that life forms over the course of a pregnancy, not at conception.

I don’t get that at all. You may be reading in something that’s not there.

Is one not pregnant when they conceive? The fetus certainly “forms” over the course of pregnancy.

I, too, do not get your point at all.

As soon as the ovum is fertilized there is new life. Peace.

If you are trying to argue against the Christian belief that “life begins at conception” I don’t see any contradiction at all from that statement. Life does indeed begin at conception and it continues to grow all throughout pregnancy.

Yes, but the child obviously develops (humans always develop as long as they’re alive; they change) and the child is being “formed” in their mother’s womb.

The quote doesn’t mention developing. It sounds like pregnancy is constantly rewarding because new life is being, they think, created over that long period of time.

I agree that you’re reaching.
OF course a baby develops over time. It has a beginning…at conception, and is off and running.
I don’t understand your worry? :confused:

People aren’t always precise. The speaker clearly believes the fetus is life during pregnancy. Whether she believes that happens at the moment of conception is left unstated but crow-barring “moment of conception” into that sentence would be just awkward.
Btw, if I were an editor I’d change creating to nurturing and new life to a new life.

We’re each one of us in the process of creating ourselves at each moment. The speaker seems to understand this, and is speaking of a new born soul preparing to enter the world. As we grow and live our lives we’re always in the process of creation, right up until our dying breath. So that doesn’t necessarily imply anything about conception or the original spark of creation. But then, I suppose the statement speaks to people according to their level of understanding. One thing we can always count on is that humans will misunderstand one another!

I very much doubt that the person behind the statement was trying to make any claims about whether or not life begins at conception. It doesn’t even suggest a specific point in a pregnancy.

I’m really obsessed (as in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) about this. Would 1+ of you please explain your reasoning?

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