What Catholic / Biblical Place Would You Most Like to Visit?


So, yes. That is the question. And any particular reason? Notice the noun is place, singular. :rage: …just kidding, if you must say three that is ok, but 10 additional days in purgatory will be added for each place you add after that. :blossom::rose::sunflower:


Jerusalem. #1 on my list.


Syria (A Pauline pilgrimmage to Damascus is what I really wanted to do, but thats not really feasible ATM…)

additions after seeing the thread
Poland and Auschwitz (Maximilian Kolbe is my Confirmation saint and id love to see where he lived and died.)


Rome - 16 characters


The sight of Jesus Christ’s tomb.


I was blessed to visit Rome last year. We loved it so much that we gave up some things that were important to us so that we can go again next March.


Italy (St Gemma’s house and shrine, St. Padre Pio’s shrine, St. Michaels cave, House of Loretto, the Holy Stairs, etc.)




Israel - still never been there. Hopefully some day.


It’s a three way tie between:

Rome, Italy
Jerusalem, Israel
Holy Mount Athos, Greece

If I absolutely had to choose one, I’d choose Jerusalem grudgingly.

I’d also love to visit other ancient centers of Christianity:

Alexandria, Egypt
Constantinople (ehrrm, Istanbul), Turkey
Antioch, Turkey
Babylon (Iraq)

How awesome of a trip would this be: Rome, to Mt Athos, to Constantinople, then over to Iraq, over to Antioch, then down to Jerusalem, then finally down to Alexandria.

3 Continents, 6 countries, 7 locations, covering all the most important major ancient centers of Christendom.

Ahhh, a man can dream!


Very Clever, Little Flower, you have got six for only the price of two.

I do love Saint Gemma.



Me too. Her and St Padre Pio are at a tie for me.


Assisi is a really amazing place too.






Mexico City (to see the Our Lady of Guadalupe tilma)


Jerusalem, then Rome. I hope I get to visit them while I’m in seminary (if it doesn’t happen then, it probably won’t happen).


“Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise.” Luke 23:43


Many people find it disappointing. Or perhaps confusing.


True, one has to think back in their imagination what it was like at the time of the crucifixion and his burial. Now, they have built large churches there, so to say that they are dramatically changed is an understatement.

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