What Catholics Are Not?

I am thinking about taking a slightly different approach in evangelizing in our region and I need some help. I would like to take the approach of What Catholics Are Not instead of who we are. There is a lot of missinformation out there about what Catholics supposedly are and I think that this approach may be an effective means of bringing our faith to many who are in question. We live in an area that is going through a faith crisis, with many families searching for a home. When I speak with people I often get responses that are totally untrue about our faith, showing that there is a real missconception about Catholics. What I would greatly appreciate are ideas and web sites that I could use to further my research so I would be able to compose an effective presentation. Maybe here we could compose a list of things we are not. I would really appreciate all your help.

Catholics are not Idolaters.
Catholics do not believe you earn your way into Heaven.
Catholics are not Mary-Worshipers.
Catholics love and know Jesus.
Catholics are Christian.

Catholics are not “Not allowed to read the Bible”
Catholics do Not worship the Pope
Catholics did Not add books to the Bible
Catholics do Not think that all non-Catholics will go to Hell
Catholics are Not homophobic
Catholics were Not resoponsible for every war in the last 2000 years
Catholics are Not anything that Chic tracts say we are :slight_smile:

God bless

OH! Thought of an important one:

Catholics are not brainwashed

The one that bugs me the most Catholics are not child molesters :mad: ive been called a child molster by kids just cause im Catholic :mad:

Catholics are not Not Christians
Catholics are not followers of a religion founded by men
Catholics are not supporters of sola scriptura
Catholics do not believe in salvation by works.
Catholics do not believe in salvation by faith alone.
Catholics do not believe in man-made traditions, but traditions passed by Jesus Christ, and the apostles in the early church days, which include the bible (written tradition), and others oral traditions.

Catholics are not opposed of science and reason.
Catholics are not non-biblical.
Catholics are not Mary/Saint/Icon-Worshippers

God bless,



Catholics are not afraid to think for themselves.
Catholics are not people who will become “real Christians” as soon as they start questioning their dogma.

I don’t have anything to add to the generous lists already being offered, but I DO want to make a slight suggestion to the OP regarding how to phrase this…
Instead of saying “Catholics” are not, it might be getter to say the Catholic Church is not…

The reason I make the distinction is because It’s much easier to share what the Church teaches (documented teachings) as opposed to what these people may have heard - possibly even from other Catholics.

Please don’t think I’m being too nit-picky here.
I have been in a number of conversations where I’m trying to explain what “Catholics” believe only to have the other person tell me that they know Catholics who have told them that they believe (fill in the blank…) directly contrary to documented Church teaching. At that point I have to switch gears from the perspective of what “Catholics believe” (“What Catholics are/are not”) to the perspective of what the Church actually teaches.


Excellent suggestion! :thumbsup: It is not nit picky! It is true!. The Church was founded by Jesus, and thus its always remains aligned to Him, but us sinners (even though catholics) sometimes fail.

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