What Catholics believe about SALVATION

Here is a video with Jimmy Akin on the radio answering a question about the salvation of man, regarding faith, baptism and grace:


It is found on the Catholic Answers page for “What do Catholics believe about Salvation?” It’s 8 minutes.

Thank you for sharing this link. It will provides insight for anyone desiring to better understand our Catholic understanding of salvation.

A serious of information emails are available each month from Jimmy Akins from his website

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You’re welcome, Trishie.

I watched the video and I thought it could be a topic for discussion, so I came to this forum and found it linked nowhere (unless I didn’t look hard enough! :p) and so it seemed like a good thing to post. Jimmy Akin has a lot to share and I was surprised to see that the source page doesn’t seem to be getting much attention.

This is interesting, that no one has commented on this video. Are the CAF members indifferent about it?

What Catholics believe about salvation – no comment? :confused:

Since you are new, you may not be aware that this topic has been discussed so repeatedly that it is a sore spot that folks tend to ignore. It is dead and buried, passé, worn out its welcome. Jimmy Akin, on the other hand, is highly respected and is worth at least an 8-minute listen, but again, the topic is not calling out to folks these days. :slight_smile: Old timers already know the content, almost by heart, so the need is not very great to engage in another fist fight. :smiley:


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