What Catholics Did for the Jews: WWII


While there were Catholics who collaborated with the NAZI’s, even prelates who were later exiled to remote postings by Cardinal Roncalli (later to become Pope John XXIII) the stunning response documented by Pinchas Lapide in his book, Three Popes and the Jews, is summarized at this link:

What Pope Pius did alone is outstanding.

From the on-set of WW-II propaganda took a moment to wade through. Nazi Germany from the start attempted to be in line with the Church. But it didn’t take long to see the truth.

Its like anything else, Islam today is a perfect example. The Dark Ages age another. Sometimes it takes a minute to find the truth. And good people die as a result. Sad but since 2700 BC before man could write he has been at War. And its never stopped.

Personally I think we ought to go with Blessed Mother and all Pray the Rosary. Her plan for world peace is the BEST I have ever heard. And She concluded that in the End She will Triumph anyway. So you tell whats smart here? Just makes good sense to me to follow God with His plan.

God Bless, GT

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It is good to read more of the good done by and inspired by Pius XII.

Father Rutler gives some cases in InsideCatholic today 1943: Night Falls over Europe .

Don’t forget Monsignor O’Flaherty in the Scarlet and Black - the real facts are to be found in the book not the movie of that title. The Catholics in Rome raised the extortion money demanded by the SS to assure the Jews safety. Of course, then the SS shipped the Jews off anyway, but at least the Catholics tried to protect them. Don’t forget that the Chief Rabbi of Rome converted to Catholicism after the war because of the way the Catholics tried to protect his people.

Remember too that in the Netherlands it was because the local bishops spoke out against the Nazi treatment of Jews that all the Catholic Jews were immediately rounded up and shipped of to the campls in retaliation, that was why Sr. Teresa Benedicta di Crucis AKA Edith Stein among others was martyred in Aushwich.

The chief rabbi of Rome as well as his wife and only daughter converted out of faith… they all had experienced (over a period of many years) a deepening understanding of Christianity… it would be a shame to minimize that process of faith by ascribing it to mere gratitude.

I believe we owe it to the priests who were internned and murdered at Auchwitz, Dachau as well as other places to remember their martyrdom. Bishop Graf von Galen was fearless in his opposition to the Nazi regime.

However, despite the many who did so much to save lives (in Judaism, one who saves one life is as one who has saved the universe) there were many Catholics who were complicit to or active in the atrocities. Hans Frank (Govenor General of Poland) was Catholic. Reichbishop Mueller and Franz von Papen were associated with Nazism. Herman Goering was married by the Reichbishop. This history is not perfect.

Pope Pius XII and World War II— The Documented Truth

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