What Catholic's Really Believe

Beginning on June 4th on EWTN at 3AM and 6:30 PM Eastern time is a terrific 13 part series called "What Catholics Really Believe. It is hosted by Dr. Guarendi and Fr. Kevin Fete. It covers:

*]The Bible
*]Scripture and Tradition
*]Eucharist, Part 1
*]Eucharist, Part 2
*]St. Mary, Part 1
*]St. Mary, Part 2
*]St. Peter
*]The Papacy
*]Purgatory[/LIST] [/LIST]

I ordered the series a couple on months back and shared it with several Catholic and non Catholic friends. It is a great apologetic tool!!

I am hoping to catch some of this series. I love listening to Dr. Ray on the radio and I caught his other show on EWTN “Why Be Catholic.” He is a great witness for the faith. He has a great sense of humor!

Thanks for pointing this out!

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