What caused the 'sexual revolution?'

Was it planned, or did it just happen. If, as St Paul states: In everything, God works for the good, where’s the good in the sexual revolution? To me, the sexual revolution is like a giant pendulum that one ought not stand in it’s way.

Nothing good came from the sexual revolution. Things have gotten much worse. The widespread acceptance of and practice of contraception was the impetus and fuel for the sexual revolution.

The cause was the repression of womens sexuality. Men were being dirtbags in the area of fidelity and women on some level found freedom and liberation in being promiscuous. It backfired for the women and further for the men. We are now left to pick up the pieces.

The “sexual revolution” came about due to easy access to the birth control pill in the '60’s.

The development and mass marketing of the Birth Control Pill for females led to the so-called “sexual revolution” in the USA. Prior to that, the fear of pregnancy by women was enough to prevent wide-spread sexual activity-especially amongst adolescents.
The “pill” also led to a wide spread cultural revolution amongst the young that is now called the hippie period.
A lot of this amorality was fostered by the mass media that promulgated salicious “news stories” glorifying the new “freedom” of the young. This was followed by and added to by the infamous “Roe vs. Wade” Supreme Court decision in 1973 that further reduced the fear of unwanted pregnancy by allowing abortion.
Since then, the total deaths from abortion has exceeded all of the deaths due to wars since our beginning of our country and/or all of the automobile deaths since the invention of the automobile in the 1890’s.

What caused the sexual revolution?

In short, Satan. Sex did not need a revolution. It was all about lust, and that’s used by the devil to destroy human love.

I think if the second World War had not happened the so-called sexual revolution would not have happened, or at least not as precipitously.

Just like the ancients at the tower of Babel, they wanted to shake God off of themselves permanently. It’s amazing that “free sex” has not resulted in any liberation whatsoever but has led to the increase in multiple diseases, abortions by the millions and the calloused hardening of hearts worldwide.

These days, you are judged by your sexual escapades and your prowess more than your word. Satan ruled the 60s, I’m afraid. But also know, he knew it was his one last effort because even he knows how it’s gonna turn out.

It’s amazing to me because sex is not really that exciting. To me, the sexual revolution was planned by increases in the libido and the availability of contraceptions. Without the increase in the libido, the sex revolution may never have happened.

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Then why was the soundtrack so good?

I humbly disagree. I think humans have always had a high libido.

The repression of Women’s sexuality? Hmmmmmmmmm… Somehow I just do not think so… The lack of wanton sex is not the same as repression of sex.

Let us not forget the Pill and it’s proponents. Nor the ‘Mad Men’ of Advertising. Of course the species has a tendency to prolifigate during times of war…Korea, Vietnam etc.

Men being dirt bags? Hmmmmmmm… Those that do not practice Faith perhaps… People like Hugh Hefner certainly did a lot to promote such. After all. There was* money* to be made.

Then of course there are all the Hormones being used by the Food Industries, such as beef…and chicken…

While I agree with everything else you state here, this particular point cannot be a cause of the Sexual Revolution, as it is specific only to the US whereas the Sexual Revolution was (is?) an international phenomenon throughout the developed West. The lessening of abortion restrictions did not happen in unison across all countries. Indeed, in countries today, whether first world, West, or not, where abortion is much more regulated (if not completely outlawed), there is still the rampant promotion of sex in the media, a culture of promiscuity, wide use of artificial birth control, and a growing culture of relativism involving not just morality but reality itself.

Planned? By whom, God? God doesn’t plan evil. He can bring good out of it…and that’s your question: Where’s the good?

I believe it FORCED the Church to address a deep theology of the family that wasn’t addressed in the past…until then there wasn’t the NEED to explore this. Civilization was pretty cool for hundreds of years with securing society by creating monogamous/stable families.

Beginning with Casti Canubi through Humanae Vitae, Theology of the Body, Familiaris Consortio, etc. etc. etc., we are creating a younger and STRONGER generation, I believe, that can carry on the Church through the next century and beyond! I have more in common with my grandmother (mother of 7 from the 50’s) than I do with my own mom (mother of 1 from the 80’s). Except I have a GREATER and deeper understanding of marriage and sexuality than prior generations.

We are having many babies, and we are faithfully raising them in the faith. We KNOW the lies of the Sexual Revolution. And the future of the church will be stronger for it.

We may have lost many battles over the years, but we shall win the war! We CAN stop the pendulum… or you can kiss it all goodbye!

What do you think a dirtbag is? A great guy doing the right thing? Yeah, someone not practicing faith and fidelity is part of that faith. You sound like you don’t know what the heck your saying. Yes, women prior to the 60s were not as free to indulge outwardly their sexual desires. The repression of sex brought on the free love movement. “Free” to do what you want and not restrain your passions and the pill was a tool to advance that. Yes, wanton sex because of previous repression. Take a step back and regroup maybe hmmmmmmmm.

not to mention now it has destroyed our society. Abnormalities like homosexuality and pedophilia are on the rise. People are destroying their God given identity to choose a new one with gender bending. People, children even, are identifying as multisexual? The last straw for me was when I was watching a tv report on “vampires” and there was a sixteen year old goth/emo looking girl (black makeup, super pale skin, black clothes with studs and holes everywhere). The reporter asked her if she was a vampire why she didn’t have fangs. The girl replied something along the lines of, “I’m an empathetic vampire, we don’t wear the fangs or drink blood or anything like that. We feed off of people’s feelings”…I don’t want to live on this planet anymore u_u

No doubt after being thoroughly indoctrinated by their parents and/or schools. I doubt such a thing ever occurred until such words started getting air time in popular culture, which is to say quite recently.


Ha ha ha, turn the cameras off and she becomes a person again! What a gig. An empathetic vampire! Oh, ahahahahaha! That’s great, just great. What will people think of next!

?-1920: Christians settle for a list of “don’ts” instead of a complete understanding of human sexuality.
1920’s-1938: Contraception become socially acceptable in some circles for the first time, including some protestant denominations declaring it to be moral.
1938-1945: A generation of men and women traumatized by war fall for the promise of ‘protection from VD’ as condoms first become widely available. Thus starts the first wave of the false assertion that marriage, sex and babies can be separate subjects.
1945-1959: The genie proves hard to put back in the bottle. Those promiscuous during war have a hard time being faithful to spouses. (Whoulda thunk? Fornication makes later marriage harder!?) The kids start to notice.
1960-1972: The kids rebel when they hit puberty. They won’t live by morals their parents don’t really believe in or live by. Free Love = Meaningless sex. Meaningless sex = a ‘right’ for sex not to lead to parenthood (thus Roe V Wade). The protestant churches have fully caved by now on contraception and even in the catholic church, clergy openly defy Tradition and the pope.
1972-1978: The divorce tsunami. Secular courts declare surrender and invent ‘no fault’ divorce almost universally. ‘Swingers’ become the topic of the day. Marriage seems in mortal peril. Women get fed up by feeling treated as second class human beings and launch the feminist movement (OK a bit earlier than 1972…), but make a basic early blunder by AGREEING with the mysoginist men that tasks historically done by women were of lower value. Worse, they miss the ways in which the ‘new sexuality’ enable men to more easily exploit and dispose of women. Virtually the entire western world slips into a negative total fertility rate ( i.e. population will begin to decline when this generation dies of old age) that it has yet to recover from to this day.
1978: Obscure Polish bishop elected pope and begins to rally the counter-revolution.
1979-2000: Resurgent STDs and later AIDS begin to give lie to the assertion of “sex without consequences.” Some people start to wonder where all this divorce, disease and abortion suddenly came from and what it will lead to.
2000-present: Rebellious clergy slowly weeded out of the church either through their own failure to spiritually reproduce or the weight of their own sexual failings/scandals. JPII generation of priests FAR more faithful to Tradition and orthodox doctrine. Catholic Church alone appears determined to completely undo the causes of the sexual collapse of Western civilization. Secular society proceeds at full speed to demise (gay marriage, polyamory, vhemt.com, who knows what’s next, probably eugenics: the remix). Protestant leaders seem unable to recognize any problems prior to 1960, so are unable to articulate a cohesive plan of reform, just a return to a time of LESS degredation.

The above is all a simplification, of course. At the individual level, there have always been and will always be those who rebel and do what they feel like. But I do think the above is a reflection of the story of what happened to western civilization’s sexual worldview as a whole in the last 100 years.

And it’s not ALL gloom and doom. The situation will eventually right itself if WE are fiathful and do a good job raising our kids. They’ll be here to start over when the rest of society implodes.

It was definitely planned. It was built on two false and misleading reports, called The Kinsey Reports. The first was published in 1948 - Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, and the second in 1953 - Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.

1953 Not by coincidence, the first issue of Playboy magazine is published and Hugh Hefner tries to combine photos of nude and semi-nude women into a magazine that presents admiring the female form as OK and which continues to increase in size to provide news to men about the finest clothing, tobacco and alcohol. He also made contact with figures like Communist Fidel Castro and published interviews. His Playboy Philosophy was that sex for pleasure was OK. So, in summary, a real man drives the finest sports cars, drinks, smokes only the finest, and wears the latest men’s fashions, while engaging his intellectual side as well.

1960 The FDA approves The Pill or birth control pill. It does not see widespread for about six years. Keep in mind, most people still lived on farms and in rural communities.

1966 The radical, anti-family group, the National Organization for Women is founded. A big supporter of abortion.


1967 Now the wolves convince some Catholic institutions to break from Church authority. It was called the Land O’ lakes Statement.


It was sold under the idea of false freedom

1967 How do manufacturers of The Pill market The Pill? Normally, all advertising tries to convince you that you need something or should use something and usually, the tactic is to engage the emotions and not the mind

So the April 7, 1967 issue of Time magazine runs a cover story about The Pill. It promises another freedom - freedom from fear. Fear of what? Babies. Here’s the first line:

“Contraception: Freedom from Fear”

Here’s the first part of the article:


1968 The dissidents and radicals inside and outside the Church know Pope Paul VI is preparing an encyclical about having children and artificial contraception. He is pressured to loosen the Church’s restrictions. Instead he reaffirms constant Church teaching.


The reaction?

“Within 24 hours, in an event unprecedented in the history of the Church, more than 200 dissenting theologians signed a full-page ad in The New York Times in protest. Not only did they declare their disagreement with encyclical’s teaching; they went one step further, far beyond their authority as theologians, and actually encouraged dissent among the lay faithful.”

The Sexual Revolution begins partly because manufacturers of The Pill could not lose sales from people listening to the Catholic Church. And if you read Humanae Vitae, you’ll read that Pope Paul VI told us exactly what would happen if his words weren’t heeded. He was right and we’re living with it.

1969 The ultimate form of contraception is abortion but how do you convince the people it’s OK? You feed false and misleading information to the media and paint the Catholic Church as the villain.


Deception, the devil’s favorite weapon. You need to know that I was there in 1969. We trusted and respected our government more. No, it was not perfect, but the media reflected our values and we lived in strong Christian communities.

1970s That would begin to fall apart in the 1970s when Adult Bookstores, strip clubs and topless bars opened everywhere. I was completely dumbfounded. My first thought was: “Who allowed this? Who said it was OK?” The fact is, millions of dollars were spent on buildings, employees, photographers, filmmakers, distributors and sales agents.

And the worst of it were thick Swingers magazines filled with ads showing nude or semi-nude people who wanted no-strings attached sex with anyone. These were the new OPIUM DENS. The addiction to buying hardcore was like going from marijuana to heroin. Forget Playboy, this was graphic stuff. And it was legal so it was “OK.” This was planned.

How many increased their visits to nameless women for free sex, or prostitutes or really made masturbation a big part of their lives?


1973 This would mark the end of the building of the foundation - the end of the first 5 year plan - 1968 to 1973.

The Supreme Court, not the people, citing “penumbras” and “emanations” from the Constitution. legalize abortion.

Then the American Psychiatric Association, under pressure from gay activists and with no science behind it, votes to remove Homosexuality as a disorder from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual that they used. Read up:


Summary: We were deceived and lied to. Soon, in the 1970s, you had Hippies and radicals living with and having sex with their girlfriends and using illegal drugs. I knew the heartache experienced by parents. “If you love the girl, why don’t you marry her?”

But a new god had replaced the real God. The god of Pleasure. Jimi Hendrix yelled Freedom on his album, the Hippies yelled Freedom! Freedom from what? God, mom, dad, priests, nuns and all adult authority figures. Their sayings included: “Don’t trust anyone over 30.” and “Leave us alone! We’ll live how we want!”

And the CORE philosophy? “Hey man. If it feels good, do it.”

Yeah, they came into our neighborhoods in the 1970s and opened Head Shops - Head meaning Dope Head, and sold us dirty, anarchist and Marxist underground newspapers and perverted, sex filled comics. And ‘roach clips’ that would hold the end of your marijuana cigarette so you wouldn’t burn your fingers.

We didn’t ask for it, but the Catholic Church was enemy number one and only lies, deceptions and powerful distractions like hardcore porn would begin to take us away in the wrong belief in a false Freedom. As the years passed, the Body of Christ on earth would be slowly, gradually poisoned.


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