What causes a house to be haunted?

A simple question.

What exactly causes a house to become haunted?

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In these types of circumstances where an evil spirit finds dominion in a physical place or object, it is usually the case that demonic and evil events have taken a place in that place/object. Events such as playing with an ouiji board, satanic practices, or even a murder may casue a place to be possesed.


I’ve done some research on the topic of exorcisms and the possesion of a household falls in this category so I know a few thing relating to it:)

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The Church doesn’t endorse the secular belief in wandering/lost souls, imprints, or the colloquial terminology surrounding “paranormal hauntings”.

Specifically, these places are referred to as “infested” and it’s assumed by demonic entities.

How a building or place becomes haunted is not always known. However, it’s usually due to dabbling in the occult and invoking unclean spirits.

In the case of my parents house, we have no idea how it became infested. But there was something lurking and Thank God it’s gone now!

If you would like to learn more, I would suggest reading An Exorcist Tells His Story https://www.amazon.com/dp/0898707102/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_7YmMFb3X1S6Q1


I don’t know how you or anyone else interprets “haunted”. But I take it that it relates to demonic possession. Of course it could also relate to non demonic entities like ghosts if you want to call it which are not demonic but neutral. The Church cannot really explain these ‘ghosts’. They have vague explanations theorizing it could be connected to those in purgatory but the church is still rather unsure.

Some of these so-called hauntings have natural explanations, noises are not often supernatural. If a strong feeling of a presence that is evil or negative persists, then it is the work of the devil. The good news is the devil is powerless against the faithful.


Haha, yes. I remember when two years back I used to be scared out of my pants about ghosts and whether they would somehow kill me. But now that I have become a more devout Catholic, I find that if a evil entity here to ‘haunt’ me, I would just tell it to go away or pray the rosary. I think the devils are better off trying to tempt me rather than make me scared of them lol


Usually by a grave sin committed on the property usually a violent crime or occult rituals.

Sometimes the demonically infested property will also be haunted by the damned.

This is usually allowed by God to warn the living some Exorcist even report damned souls accompanying demons in possession cases such as Judas Iscariot.

Other times it’s not demonic infestation but the souls of purgatory trying to make themselves known in order to receive prayers.

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If I saw something manifest I’d probably soil myself…

Never seen a ghost or demon and I don’t want to.

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I could definitely understand that haha. Before I became devout, I was set on the career if joing the Army Special Forces and becoming a fearless warrior. So personally with that background, something about me wants to cast out demons with St. Michael by my side like some epic battle scen haha

Here’s a haunted house story from early America.
A Catholic died in a Lutheran house without last sacraments.

One of the priests mentioned, Fr Gallitzin, has a cause opened for sainthood ATM


Is this Catholic teaching? That those judged to hell dont actually get sent there by God, but are free to haunt on earth?
This makes little sense to me, after all, that would mean those judged to heaven or purgatory are also free to hang around on earth.

It’s all by the will of God if they do usually to prove the reality of Hell or Purgatory.

You could make the same argument for Apparitions of Saints but we’re Catholic not Protestants we believe sometimes occasionally God allows an extraordinary event to occur to show the glory of Heaven the horrors of Hell and the suffering of the poor souls in Purgatory.

Matt Fradd has a good video on this.


My question is very clear because we do not want to misrepresent the Church and its teachings. Church teaching is that immediately upon death we are subject to our first judgement, Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory.
Then at the end of time we are subject to our second judgement, which is the same as the first, we just get our bodies back then after they are resurrected.

We cannot make an argument on church teaching, we must stick to what the church teaches. If someone is a mystic and seeing the Virgin Mary or one of the old saints, or Jesus or another member of the Holy Family, the church must investigate and approve it. Even then the Church does not teach those souls judged to hell are able to haunt people on earth.
Exorcists will say its demonic, and these so called ‘hauntings’ have a demonic cause.

Correct I would just add that Purgatory is temporary and will seize to exist at the end of time.


Yes but the fact that Church has approved various apparitions and given various approval for publications on these matters proves that obviously sometimes at least dead people doesn’t matter their fate can and do appear for various reasons ordained by God.

Fr. Ripperger says that Judas Iscariot appears at various possession cases and there have been other Exorcist that recorded similar cases.


Give yourself more credit, in Christ, brother!

This did make me chuckle though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I have said this in other threads and I will say it again (sorry):

Why would a soul needing prayers appear as a scary, silent ghost?

Wouldn’t it be more productive to appear “naturally” and ask a relative for prayers? Or better, appear in a dream?

These kind of “paranormal” apparitions seem more likely to come from demons than from a near-saint in Purgatory.

I think there’s no peace within that household, and through that, the evil possesses the home.

Most of the legitimate Purgatorian Ghost aren’t scary they might move some stuff or appear at the same place and time.

If they do scare someone it’s usually unintentional the person wasn’t expecting them.

So far I’m basing my knowledge on these two books.

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