What causes a topic to become unlisted?


Title says it all. A thread I was following and participating in is showing as unlisted. I just want to know why.


How does it “show as unlisted”? Is there a marking on it?


Maybe it was locked or finished (14 day limit)

Or pulled, but that seldom happens.


Yeah. First, I noticed that the thread wasn’t being shown in the category, however, when I looked at threads I had posted in, it was still open. I clicked it there and down at the bottom left, after the last post, there’s an icon that looks like an eye with a slash through it and it says Unlisted next to it.


It’s not locked and it has new posts in it from last night.


Interesting. Maybe it’s under review.


This one?

It’s listed again. Must have been closed for mods because of flags


It still seemed fairly civil when I was last on it


That thread has been closed/locked now. Can you tell us why?


Why did that thread get locked?


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