What Causes Evil?


Yes, evil to God seems to equate primarily with Disobedience. Good with Obedience. Indeed obedience is better than sacrifice.


No, Samuel a book in which evil is discussed.


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The context is that because Saul listened to public opinion polls rather than the word of God through Samuel, God de-throned Saul.(1 Sam 15:24) and brought the evil spirit to him.

.Please explain to me how my interpretation is inaccurate to the context as to why God brought evil upon Saul?

In the interest of staying on topic, if God didn’t bring the evil on Saul, who did?


Um, Saul brought the evil on himself. In choosing to defy and deny God (who is good) he quite naturally brought on good’s ‘opposition’ which is evil. God ‘permits’ evil as a natural consequence of the Fall and as a free will choice of men. From it (evil) He will somehow, in some way, be able to have good come from that evil.

Here is a limited example.

A man is shipwrecked on an island. Bad, no?
He has to work very hard to provide himself with food, clothing and shelter. Along the way he suffers more than if he were living comfortably and ‘easily’ in a place where he could easily find, raise or buy the food, clothing and shelter.

Even if this man is shipwrecked and lives the rest of his life alone and in want. . .can ‘good’ come from this?

Yes, it can. In being away from the distractions of wealth, the man can, in humility, realize how ‘little’ he is compared to God. He can be thankful even for the little he has, realizing how easily he could have nothing. In such ways this man who, had he lived an ‘easy life’ might have drifted away from God, might in the ‘hard life’ become truly holy and close to God.

Now we don’t see ‘the big picture’. But God does. Just because we can’t ‘imagine’ good coming from a given ‘evil’ act doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen.


I have a difficult time accepting that Saul acted out of free will when he said that fear was what caused him to reject God’s commandment (1 Sam 15:24). Besides that, God chose Saul (it wasn’t his free will that he was king).

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