What changes at the different Vatacin Meetings?


I have heard on Catholic radio that the changes made at a Vatacin meeting in the 60’s or 70’s caused a rift in the church. What were they talking about.
Specifically they mentioned Mary???
What are these meetings??


Are you referring to Vatican II? It was a council of all the Bishops of the church called by John XXIII and mostly presided over by Paul VI.

Officially, they restated existing Church teaching for the modern world, but they did discuss many things that they did not enact.

Many of these things will never be enacted but people went around claiming that these things were coming or had been the meaning of the teachings that came out. This caused a lot of anger and confusion.

Mary was mentioned in Vatican II document Lumen Gentium, the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church. Since she is a “type” of the Church, it is fitting, although some wanted Mary to have her own document


Why were the things not enacted? If they are right, then they should be adhered to.


The Second Vatican Council is the 21st Ecumenical Council of the Catholic Church. Here’s a list of all of 21 Councils along with a summary or each one. (Since it is from the 1907 Catholic Encyclopedia, it has info on all the Councils except for Vatican II).

Also, here’s a link to what Pope John Paul II had to say about Vatican II’s teaching on Mary:


That’s a simple enough question, but the answer is far from simple, to be sure!

If you are interested in learning about this, I recommend this book:

What Went Wrong With Vatican II? by Ralph McInerny

The title is meant to be provocative. The book does not say that anything was wrong with the Council itself, but goes into what happened after the Council in order to explain why much of the implementation hasn’t happened.


We trust that the Holy Spirit was present and guiding the decisions. There were no new doctrines or dogmas proclaimed at Vatican II.

The “changes” that came from the council had to do with regulations. Many were upset with the changes made in the Mass ritual.


Not everything that was discussed was enacted for the same reason that everything congress discusses is passed into law. Perhaps I should have said that not everything they discussed passed their vote . They discussed things behind the scenes and quietly decided that these things were not worth moving forward to be formally discussed and voted on.


The church is changing and the times are coming forward to new horizons… Do you know if St johns the Baptist,in akron is closing its doors?


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