What changes would you make to the Extraordinary Form, if you could?


We had a similar topic about the OF. What would you change in the EF if you could? Most of my changes are similar to the 1965 missal.

Here’s what I would change:

Add the universal prayers, but they’d be conducted by the priest, follow some set formulas and be completely optional.
Eliminate the need of the priest to read the parts sung by the choir.
The introit would be sung before the asperges, and adding ancient tropes to the Kyrie would be allowed, in a similar way to the Penitential Rite C of the OF.
Add a reading, like the OF, and I’d make a new lectionary, with a new reading for each ferial day, the readings of the other days remaining intact.
The responsorial psalm and the acclamation of the Gospel could be an alternative to the gradual and alleluia, as long as the psalm be the same of the gradual and the verse of the acclamation of the gospel be the sabe as the one from the alleluia.
Write a new, shorter confiteor, but preserving all the main elements of the EF confiteor.
Allow some traditionally silent parts to be said aloud: the secret, the consecration, the anamnesis, the doxology of the Canon, all the prayers from the end of the Pater Noster until the Agnus Dei and the last gospel at sung masses.
Allow missa cantata with one acolyte.
Allow singing the ordinary at spoken masses; the propers could also be sung, but only in psalm tone.
Allow the Pater Noster to be chanted by everyone.
Allow the final blessing to be chanted, the prayers before the distribution of the Eucharist too.
Add longer, solemn blessings, such as the ones from the OF.
Allow bishops to celebrate priest mass, or at least make some adaptations to allow high masses with less assistants and make an adapted missa cantata (not high mass).
Readings executed turned to the people
Permit vernacular in the following situations: readings (including the last gospel), the prayers of the priest from the propers (collect, secret and post communion), the responsorial psalm and acclamation of the gospel with the bishop’s consent, and, in dioceses with a great number of illiteracy, all the audible parts of the mass, except for the consecration.
Move the dismissal to after the blessing.
Obligatory leonine prayers in all Sundays and first class feasts.
I think that’s all :yum:



In other words, you’d really prefer the Ordinary Form. Got it.



Divine Worship: The Missal is your friend here. Take a look at it.



The readings and the Gospel in the vernacular.



Require both clergy and laity to remove their shoes while saying, serving, or attending Mass. (Sic.)

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Maybe two changes:

I would put the second confiteor before communion back universally, becuase only certain groups have permission to use it.

I would restore the rites of Holy Week back to the way they were done pre-1955.



That’s for the Ordinariate, right? I’m really intrigued by that.

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There are parishes who have obtained permission to do the pre-1955 rites, or just do so without permission. I went out to one for Tenebrae last year.



No. I just like some elements from the OF, and most of them were added before the promulgation of the Novus Ordo Missae.



Well, I think I’d also add this to my list.



Yes. It’s a beautiful Missal.



Yes, and that is wonderful!

What I’m saying is that I would reinstate them universally.



How about… leave it as-is. It is the Extraordinary Form, after all, the form meant to be used exceptionally when the circumstances (demand) warrant it. People want it because it is the more historical form of the Mass.

I would also leave the Ordinary Form as-is, but would work on improving discipline and music.



I would move the Kiss of Peace (or the Pax) to right after the Sermon in both the OF and the EF. I think it distracts too much where it currently is placed.



Isn’t it really short and only among the clergy in the EF?

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How about ceasing the reconstruction of the mass, and focusing on the offering of self as a living sacrifice to the Father in atonement for our sins and those of the entire world?

Increases in holiness are derived from spiritual subjection and obedience - driven by the soul’s desire and acts of the will.



What’s wrong with discussing liturgical preferences?



Frankly, none to speak of. That unfortunately is the question that led to the Novus Ordo. And I am not even against Novus Ordo, but if it the Extraordinary Form then keep it all the way as such. I will say that the idea of pre-1955 changes for Triduum and such would be okay but not needful. The safest way to stay within both the bosom of the Church and the longest standing liturgical traditions would be to attend an FSSP parish Mass.

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True and it really only occurs when there is a Solemn High Mass with a priest, deacon and a sub-deacon.



My only suggestion for the EF is to publish a new version of the missal so that all of us can easily find out exactly where we are in the Mass and what is being said/chanted, and what is happening during the silent portions, and most important, what WE should be doing/not doing during this Mass.

PLEASE someone do this!

The current Missals, IMO, are terribly confusing unless you grew up using them. As a Protestant convert to Catholicism, I find the Missals at my local EF parish horrifically confusing. First, I have no idea what pages we are on, and I’ve ASKED the Canon if he would please post the pages of the day on a chalkboard in the narthex so we could know before the Mass what page to turn to. Although he seemed open to the idea, he hasn’t done it. Perhaps there is some ordinance that forbids such a thing?

Secondly, much of the missal is written in a “gothic” font that is hard to read (apologies to those of you who love antique fonts!).

So fix the Missal! Please! Why keep all the newbies in the dark?! It makes no sense to keep the EF Mass so incomprehensible. Not all of us gain anything from just sitting quietly for an hour and listening to murmuring. I find it frustrating.

And those of you who grew up with the Missal and know your way around it and think all of us should do the same–well, of COURSE you understand it! You grew up with it. We didn’t! So please have a heart for those of us who didn’t even grow up Catholic! We found the OF Mass terribly confusing for many months, but at least it’s in our heart language! The EF is an utter mystery to us! And again, I know that many of you LIKE mystery and believe that the Mass SHOULD be a mystery and not of this earth. That’s great. But I disagree and apparently, so did all the bishops at Vatican II. We WANT and NEED to understand.

Get some Protestant converts, including those from Evangelical and Non-Denominational traditions where there was no liturgy at all, on the “Missal Reform Committee,” and design/publish a NEW version that makes the EF Mass perfectly clear (apologies for using Pres. Nixon’s favorite phrase) to all of us who have absolutely no clue what is going on and don’t appreciate being kept in the dark.

For me, understanding and comprehension is paramount to my Christianity. I know that many Christians agree with me, and that’s one reason why many Catholics continue attending the OF Mass–we want to understand.

I hope that someone who is in a position to do something about this will take action, and thank you heartily in advance! We will all love the New EF Missal!


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