What Chesterton to read next?

I’ve read Orthodoxy and The Everlasting Man. What do people here suggest I read next?

the Father Brown mysteries: essential Chesterton

The Man Who Was Thursday - his best novel.

how about a change? what about C.S. Lewis ? Mere Christanity, Miricles, i think its called Pure Love or Four Loves or something like that ?

It’s a bit complex. I would recommend Martin Gardner’s annotated version if you can get it.

I agree with the posters who suggest switching off to Father Brown or a novel, which offer a change of pace as far as how the themes are presented.

Personally I’d go with Manalive, which is a fantastic take on the miracle of being alive.

After the big novels, if you want to go back to theological non-fiction I would recommend the biography of St. Francis (my personal Chesterton “first read”) and then St. Thomas. The St. Francis book is amazing.

Hubby and I just started reading this together! :thumbsup:

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