What Christian Denominations Support Gay Marriage?

Can you tell me what Christian denominations support homosexuality, gay marriage and the adoption of children in a SSM?

Also, do the ministers of these Christian denominations have Bibles that omit God’s Word regarding same and if not than how do they justify homosexuality if they read God’s Word that says they should not?



I’m fairly confident that liberal Anglicans and Lutherans support these things.

Often times, “christians” who support homosexual activity like to say that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was really the result of “inhospitality” when the angels came to the city. It’s also mentioned elswhere (more explicitly) in the bible that homosexual acts will lead to eternal separation from God, but I’ve heard homosexual advocates argue that these passages are only referring to situations where “heterosexual men” are comitting homosexual acts (obviously they believe that homosexuality is natural and it’s only “unnatural” when you’re not experiencing sexual attraction to commit the act).

Obviously these are all garbage arguments. If homosexuality was not one of the major reasons for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, then why would it even be mentioned that the men of sodom were comitting homosexual acts in the bible?? The second agrument is grossly ingorant of humanity’s fallen nature and that we are all tempted to sin on a very deep, internal level (and that this temptation must be fought with all of our might). Simply put, the view put forth in the second argument would translate into a belief that following one’s venial desires is virtuous, and going against your own temptations must therefore be sinful (and I don’t think satan could phrase an argument like this better, himself).

Really, this whole thing just makes me glad that I am a Catholic and that I have an infallible document, known as the Catechism of the Catholic Church, that can cast out all doubt. The problem is that when you believe in Sola Scriptura, and that your personal interpertation of the bible must be valid, then it leaves holes for abominable beliefs like this to exist under the umbrella of christianity.

In my opinion, since the classical (even Catholic) definition of a Christian is,

One who inwardly believes and outwardly professes the Law of Christ.

Someone who actively supports gay marriage, therefore, can no long be said to believe in, nor is any longer observed to be professing, the Law of Christ; and this is rather plain, since Our Lord so clearly elevated marriage to a Sacrament.

Further, the Scriptures make it plain that Sodomy is a monstrous sin that is utterly contrary to the natural law, which all men know and have engraved on their hearts. Therefore, it is inexcusable and unlawful.

Consequently, I find it hard to reckon such sects “Christian” that openly profess acknowledgement of, or otherwise legitimise, the practise of Sodomy.

Well said, but many deny it. It would help if there was a strongly worded and jargon-free statement by real Christian denominations detailing the truth of the Gospel vs the current cultural sinkhole.

Lutherans are very conservative aren’t they? I’m pretty sure they’re against it. I think Anglicans are for it, and I know Episcopalions are for it. Episcopals are VERY liberal, and they have a lot of hate for the Catholic Church.

The United Church of Christ at one time was very welcoming of same sex couples. And of ordaining homosexuals to be ministers. I grew up in the UCC and when they accepted this our church pulled out and joined the Congregational Christian.
The United Methodist is now accepting of same sex couples. I’m not sure if they ordain homosexuals.
The Presbyterian and Episcopalian are both accepting also.

That depends on which group of Lutherans you are talking about. The ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) has supported (allowed?) same sex “marriage” since 2009 I beleive. The more conservative LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) still teaches that homosexual behavior is “intrinsically sinful” and does not support same sex unions.

I have a friend who is an anglican priest who is gay, he has to keep it a secret from his parish as he won’t be allowed to be a priest. He uses the same bible as other Protestants do, but I don’t think he can preach against gays as that would be hypocritical, so I wonder therefore if his parishioners are aware they are not getting the whole message.

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Nancy Pelosi supports it and VP Joe Biden supports “gay marriage”; both “Catholics.”

Please don’t take this as slander against your friend but is it not hypocritical enough that he is “serving” Christ while being openly gay? Granted he might not actually be sinning at all assuming he is living a celibate life. But if he is “seeing” another man than what he is doing is an offense to God and if he truly loves Christ he will quit his ministry and choose either to live celibately with Christ or live in sin with his partner and stand against Christ. After all, one can not both be with Christ and live in sin. We all must choose one over the other,

My girlfriend currently attends a UCC congregation that is what they call an "open and affirming" church.  Meaning gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders are very welcome there.  The most gay-friendly church I've ever heard of.  To say our religous differences have put a strain on our relationship would be an understatement, but that is for another thread.

And I pitty them for it.

Many of the mainline Protestant sects.

I don’t know if any Evangelicals do.

I think Unitarians do. At least, there’s a church in my neighborhood that has a sign about marriage being a civil right.

Here’s at least a start on how Christians who hold these beliefs justify them.

Sodom was not about homosexuality. It was about rape and cruelty. All the men were involved in raping the two male visiting angels but not all of the men were homosexual.

And Ezekiel 16:49 explains the sins of Sodom as pride, over abundance, idleness, and not serving the poor.

Christians are not bound by Levitical laws and much depends on the translation process. Words can take on a different meaning in the translation process than what was intended. And for instance in 1Cor 6:9 and 1Tim 1:10 there are translations not using the word homosexual. The NRSV and RSV for instance use words such as fornicators, male prostitutes, sexual perverts, and sodomites.

Where Romans 1:21-31 speaks of natural/unnatural, what is natural or unnatural for the person depends on the person. For instance what would be unnatural for a homosexual, would be to engage in marriage with a heterosexual.

Consideration can also be given to the Bible as a product of its time and culture too. I don’t think even many Catholics today on this forum would require for instance going back to the days when women were to keep quiet in churches.There are so many other things found in the Bible not practiced today.

It’s a matter of faith and belief, of different theology and interpretaion. And given these types of undertanding, it could follow then if homosexuality is not a sin, pro gay marriage becomes a possibilty as well as does certainly the adoption of and providing loving homes for children by SS couples

No one here has to agree. But just hope this helps at least somewhat to give you a start in understanding and respectng the beliefs of others. Peace.

Hiya, Matt! :wave:

Yes, I don’t find it good apologetics to use Scripture alone to condemn homosexuality.

I believe it is better to use the arguments of reason and natural law, biology and science, as well as Scripture and Tradition to justify making gay “marriage” illicit.

No, for the most part the ELCA Lutheran’s now allow gay pastors in committed homosexual relationships to pastor their churches. It happened about 2-3 years ago.

I use to be Lutheran.


The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and the Wisconsin Lutheran Synod along with some other smaller Synod do not support homosexual marriage, homosexual ordination, homosexual adoption, homosexual lifestyles or abortion.

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