What Christian faiths display or wear crosses?

I was talking with a colleague. She was telling me about a difficult time that she was having. She goes to a non-denominational Christian church. She said for some reason she was longing for a cross and could not understand it because her beliefs do not align with displaying or wearing crosses/crucifixes. She said she wanted to hold a cross in her hands to pray. The story does not end there. Within a few days a Catholic colleague returned from the Holy Land and unexpectedly gave her a Blessed cross. My distressed friend said it was perfect, it fits perfectly in her hands, and she is able to hold it tightly when she needs to and that it brings her much peace. She told her slightly estranged Catholic daughter-in-law about this experience and it has broken down a barrier…they seemed to reconnect. I can’t imagine not being able to have a cross within an arms reach or less. What Christian faiths display/wear crosses and which do not?

Most mainline protestant denominations do. Of course Catholics and Orthodox Christans do. The only protestants who I can think of off hand that do not are some (but not many) non-denominational Christians and the Church of Christ sect that you see down here in the South. I believe the Church of Christs here do not believe in using any symbols like that and most of their churches do not even have a cross in the sanctuary. Very empty churches. I have to attend a Church of Christ school to finish my masters (long reason as to why…) so I kinda know some things about this particular group in the south. As to why they do it, I’m not really sure. Hope this helps!

I do notice that many non-denominational churches don’t use or talk about the cross in churches and services. Many have other symbols such as fire or the world or a star or something instead of a cross in their churches.

Can you tell I study a lot of religions? :smiley: It helps me be stronger in my Catholic faith and also to be a better apologist if I understand other Christians and religions. :slight_smile:

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