What Christians Accept the Seven Ecumenical Councils?

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And I found this about Methodists and Lutherans:

Many Protestants (especially those belonging to the magisterial traditions, such as Lutherans, or those such as Methodists, that broke away from the Anglican Communion) accept the teachings of the first seven councils but do not ascribe to the councils themselves the same authority as Roman Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox do. The Lutheran World Federation, in ecumenical dialogues with the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople has affirmed all of the first seven councils as ecumenical and authoritative.

The Seven Ecumenical Councils: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_seven_Ecumenical_Councils

It seems the Church is uniting on past misunderstandings!

I think the only Christians who reject those Ecumenical Councils are those who reject the Orthodox Doctrine of the Trinity…
…Therefore: Mormons, Seventh-day Adventists, JW’s, Christadelphians, WWCOG & Oneness Pentacostals.
…Because these groups categorically reject the Trinity they reject to vocalize the Creeds summarized in those Councils.

Pythons is not correct. The Oriental Orthodox communion (e.g., the Orthodox Coptic, Syriac, Tewahedo, Armenian, and Indian churches) only accept the first three, but do not reject the Trinity. The Nestorians only accept the first two, but do not reject the Trinity.

Pretty much the rest of Christianity, aside from the unitarian Protestants and even newer groups following esoteric theologies, at least tacitly accepts the seven councils that the EO and RC hold in common.

If those groups accept the first 3, by default, they would accept the Trinity would they not?

My point is that being a Trinitarian church is not related to accepting all seven ecumenical councils held in common by the RC and EO.

Well taken & good point.

As is the answer to many other queries-the Gang of 4 plus 1 Roman catholic-Orthodox-Anglican -Lutheran and the Methodists-all have > 10,000,000 members worldwide

oh the Moravians-Old catholics -PNCC-added up maybe 100,000

who are the gang of 4, and which is the plus 1?

I would assume that “Gang of 4” is Rome, Orthodoxy, Anglicanism, and Lutheranism, since Methodists generally aren’t considered catholic.

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