What Church document say that the earth is not the center of the earth?


What church document that states that the Church say the earth is the center of the the solar system?

When was this declared dogma? I have no document that say the Catholic Church states that the earth is the center of the solar system.


It never was declared dogma. It was the common understanding, and predictive models based on that assumption were sufficiently accurate so that, absent sufficient evidence to the contrary, there was no practical need to adopt a different view.


Hopefully the real experts will jump in and tell me if my understanding is correct or not.
Is it not the case that geocentrism and heliocentrism are both just theories because it cannot be proven that the Earth revolves around the sun?


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Exactly, it annoys me off when some scientist made opinions on the manner


Such as a certain British biologist…


They are both just theories and they are both wrong.

The earth is not the center of the universe (which is what geocentrism means) and the sun is not the center of the universe (which is what heliocentrism means.) The sun and the earth are near the edge of the Milky Way galaxy and rotate around the center of that galaxy.

In the 13th Century, Alphonso X (Alphonso the Wise) of Castile convened many of the greatest mathematicians and astronomers in his court to create a set of astronomical tables. These Alphonsine tables were based on the geocentric theory and they worked quite well for astronomy and navigation (Christopher Columbus had a set of Alphonsine tables.)

The heliocentric theory was first advanced in about the 4th Century BC. Aristotle commented on it and asked a key question: If the earth orbits the sun, its orbit must be huge. Why, then, do we not see parallax among the stars? (Parallax is the apparent displacement of objects relative to each other due to the observer’s motion – you see it when looking down a fence row, for example, and then stepping from side to side.)

The philosophers and astronomers of Aristotle’s time couldn’t answer that question and neither could Copernicus nor Galilieo, along with another question – why can’t astronomical tables be constructed based on the heliocentric theory?

Ultimately the answers emerged – we don’t see parallax in the stars because they are too far away. Modern instruments can see a bit of a wobble, but in Galilieo’s time, such precision instruments didn’t exist.

And the proponents of Copernicus’ theory couldn’t produce working tables because they assumed the orbits of the planets were circular, when in fact they are eliptical.


The Church’s infallibility is limited to matters of doctrine and morals. What revolves around what is a matter of astronomy, not doctrine or morals. Even trying to claim it is because the Bible uses language which seems to imply that it is the sun that moves does not give it the authority. The Bible is merely using phenomenological language just as the Weather Channel does when it gives the times for sunrise and sunset.



Note that the universe is expanding. It can be compared to a three dimensional equivalent of the two dimensional surface of a balloon being inflated. Note that it has no center and no edge. It is easiest to regard the center as wherever I am observing from. [And do note that one cannot look straight out into three dimensional space. One is always looking back in time in a four dimensional space. If you looked far enough in any direction you would come to the point of the Big Bang; no matter which direction you were looking. ]

In doing calculations, I put the center wherever it gives me the simplest equations. [It would be really wild to try to draw a road map from New York to California in solar centered coordinates. :D] For earth orbiting satellites the earth is the center. If I am plotting a course to the moon or another planet I start off with the earth as the center. Then when my vehicle is halfway there I switch and put the destination at the center. This requires a critical mid-course correction to take care of the mismatch. This is required because there is no closed solution for the three body problem. I have to plot my course with the two most important bodies and then fine tune corrections on that.


I know. My question had nothing to do with the Church. I was simply asking about geocentrism and heliocentrism.


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