What church documents talk about physical defense?


I am interested in all Holy orientations regarding physical defense for the layman: Single, Married, Religious Community, Parish Community, General community, National level and Species levels.

Documents from the saints are fine. Documents from questionable or non-validated viewpoints will waste my time.


The lack of response here is typical of what I have found when questioning “authorities” so far.

Since we have the duty of holy defense of self and family and our neighbor… It would be nice if the documents relating to this DUTY could be highlighted.

Is anyone out there even semi-competent enough to do so?


Please consult the CCC beginning at article 2263.


Evangelium Vitae, para 55:
55. This should not cause surprise: to kill a human being, in whom the image of God is present, is a particularly serious sin. Only God is the master of life! Yet from the beginning, faced with the many and often tragic cases which occur in the life of individuals and society, Christian reflection has sought a fuller and deeper understanding of what God’s commandment prohibits and prescribes. 43 **There are in fact situations in which values proposed by God’s Law seem to involve a genuine paradox. This happens for example in the case of legitimate defence, in which the right to protect one’s own life and the duty not to harm someone else’s life are difficult to reconcile in practice. Certainly, the intrinsic value of life and the duty to love oneself no less than others are the basis of a true right to self-defence. **The demanding commandment of love of neighbour, set forth in the Old Testament and confirmed by Jesus, itself presupposes love of oneself as the basis of comparison: "You shall love your neighbour as yourself " (Mk 12:31). Consequently, no one can renounce the right to self-defence out of lack of love for life or for self. This can only be done in virtue of a heroic love which deepens and transfigures the love of self into a radical self-offering, according to the spirit of the Gospel Beatitudes (cf. Mt 5:38-40). The sublime example of this self-offering is the Lord Jesus himself.

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EDIT: I would add, your credibility is called into question when you question others’ competence when you yourself cannot even reference the Catechism on your own.



You insult the forum members and still expect a response???


I was thinking something similar, it’s a long time to wait. But you can bump a topic, you don’t need to be so condescending, after all you came to find out information.


The prayer response to my “bump” was outstanding and it produced solid results. Thank you to all who did the prayers, and for your responses.

It is my belief that as a direct result of those prayers I have finally found the below documents and read in their entirety are a good priming the pump.

I’m not certain what the CCC is.

The lamb often has to butt the ewe a little to get her attention before he can get anything to drink. I don’t apologize for it. It was honest and frankly the only thing that worked.:shrug:

Modern Catholic Dictionary by Father John A Hardon S.J.


The right to use force against an unjust aggressor. The moral premises on which justifiable self-defense is based are the fact that the possession of life includes the right to use the means necessary to protect one’s life, provided such means do not violate the rights of others.

In the case of unjust aggression, the use of force and even a deathblow may be the only means of saving one’s own life. The rights of others are not thereby violated, for the assailant’s right to live is suspended during the unjust attack.

Moreover, the attacker can easily protect his or her life by merely ceasing from the attack.


Summa Theologica. The theological masterpiece of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Article 1. Whether it is unlawful to kill any living thing?


I tell you, if someone is trying to take my life or of anyones and I can stop it I’ll use any force available to me to do so, even if it means taking the attacker’s life in defense of others. I carry and I will use deadly force as required.

This is very true if you are in a combat situation because if you hesitate to stop the attacker it could mean the death of you or your wingmen.


Cathecism of the Catholic Church

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