What colleges have good Newman centers

Okay, we are several years away from looking at Colleges for our middle school aged kids, but I seriously doubt we will be able to swing a private school. This makes me very sad. I also don’t want my kids to have a lot of loans that might keep them from starting a family or having the option of SAHM.

I heard from Tim Staples (on the radio, of course) that barring going to a good Catholic University, you should look at Newman centers.

So…does anyone have any information on Universities (public, primarily) that have vibrant, orthodox Newman centers.

I thought there might be some interest from other parents, so I don’t want to limit location. :slight_smile:

Actually in some cases “private” colleges are cheaper than the public ones.
As to Newman Centers…sorry cant help you there…we where looking at Catholic Colleges so i never gave that any thought.

Thanks, Karin

But, not too helpful. :wink: :smiley:

Sorry about that…but as a thought they may be able to afford a good Catholic College and then you need not worry about the Newman Center;)

A lot of private schools offer quite a bit of financial aid. I wouldn’t completely rule them out.


The University of Nebraska has a good Newman Center from what I hear as does The University of Illinois at Urbana.

I am a Professor at a small liberal arts college and while the tuition is expensive many of them do offer significant scholarships for students with good grades or students that are good athletes.
So, it may not be impossible for you to swing a private school.

Jeff S.

St. Mary’s in College Station, TX, which serves Texas A&M University turns out solid, orthodox Catholics and a large number of vocations to the priesthood and religious life. They have an awesome program for the students who attend TAMU.

University of South Dakota, Vermillion

Briar Cliff College, Sioux City, Iowa (Private, Catholic, Orthodox, small, not as expensive as many other private colleges)

University of Texas at Austin has a great one as does Texas A&M…I think there used to be a list of the top 50 Newman centers maybe try Googling it? I’ll look again to and post it if i find it:)

BTW i am one of those people now 50,000 in debt to a catholic university and my husband has another 50,000 to the same school;) …

WHOOP! Second on St. Mary’s and the Newman group at TAMU. Sometimes cheaper for an out-of-state student to attend a Texas school than a school from their own state, too.

Kansas State, Georgia Tech, Texas A&M. Keep an eye on NC schools b/c they are relatively inexpensive esp for in state, and the new Bishop is very interested in revitalizing campus ministry. Can’t strongly recommend them for the moment though- had some bad leadership deal blows to it for years and it is finally beginning to recover.

Definitely visit www.focusonline.org for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students. If you watched God or the Girl, Steve was one of the missionaries in that program. Awesome, awesome organization, and any university served by them will have top-notch support for Catholic students.

Texas A & M is a great school for conservative Catholics and like-minded thinkers. I believe that A & M’s Knghts of Columbus chapter is the largest on a college campus in the US.

Lots and lots of good Catholics send their children to TAMU. What a fabulous school for so many reasons. I hope my daughter gets in!

God has really blessed St. Mary’s at A&M.

I wholeheartedly agree with vluvski. I go to George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, and since FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) has gotten here my freshman year the campus ministry has absolutely exploded. It’s a lot easier for a team of 4 missionaries fresh out of college to go out into the college world and draw people to the chapel than it is for older staff members because, well, college kids are are skeptics and don’t necessarily believe what older people tell us. ::rolls eyes:: But yeah, FOCUS has teams at colleges everywhere, mainly in the West spreading out from there. Definitely check out their site and find a college near you and then keep checking and watch how it grows.

Great thread, folks! As a Catholic mom to Catholic teens who are starting to plan about college, this is great knowledge. I am particularly heartened to hear about FOCUS and to hear that it is successful. It is so easy for our Catholic kids to fall away from the faith, particularly in college. So we as Catholics and as Catholic adults should be concerned that our kids are being nurtured in their faith when they are away from our families. God bless all those who minister to our Catholic youth and encourage them in our faith!

Middlebury College here in Middlebury, VT has a good Newman Center. I’m not a student there, but hubby teaches at Midd and I go to the St. Mary’s Parish (vermontparishes.org/parishes/?church=68)

University of Maryland, College Park has a great Newman center. I also hear good things about NC State.

On the other hand, out-of-state tuition at many public universities is almost as expensive as private school tuition…you will probably have to focus on schools in your own state if you want cheap public school tuition.

Good point, but also consider that some private Catholic schools don’t offer technical degrees, so that can be a factor, too, in choosing a university. In that case, it would be good to know about Newman centers.

I’ll second University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Orthodox as well as an orthodox Bishop in the Lincoln Diocese. Great pastor and assistant, especially for the college students. Great homilies for the students and really will engage with students outside of Mass. Their FOCUS program is really effective, and are good at getting formal and informal social events. Two Masses every weekday. Confessions 30 minutes before Mass, and people go. Rosary before the M-TH 10pm Mass. When I was there, there were quite a few vocations coming from it. UNL is relatively inexpensive.

I second about University of Maryland-College Park…I have very close freinds there…their priest rocks. I’ve also heard excellent things about University of Illinois as someone mentioned above. I definately don’t reccomend my alma mater, University of KY. The Newman Center there is, unfortunately, atrocious.

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