What Color Vestments Did Your Priest Use for the 3rd Week in Advent (Gaudete Sunday)


I’m interested in the percentage that used Rose vs Purple/Violet vs Blue.


He used violet.

However, on Hallmark at 8 am EST, they show Mass from the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. The priest was wearing rose colored vestments, so it varies.


He wore a dark rose color. I think the little tabernackle curtain was also rose colored.


Ours used rose. Question - for those who do use rose, do they use it the entire week or just on the Sunday?


It was violet - a very reddish kinda violet which was quite close to rose :slight_smile: . But the Advent Wreath Candle and a lot of the decorations were rose-coloured.

The Rose vestments are only worn on the Sunday unless I’m mistaken.


Beautiful Rose Roman vestments :slight_smile:


A dark rose color


Rose, and the Deacon wore Purple.
I guess that we only have so many Rose vestments.

On a side note, my girls sang “Song of the Faithful”. They did it once, the adult choir then sang “Oh Come all Ye Faithful”, then they combined the two.

It always brings me to tears.

My sincere wish is that everyone who wants a more reverent and less communal liturgy will have their dreams come true. We are so blessed at my parish!


Rose and purple (reddish)



Today both our deacon and priest wore rose. Our deacon mentioned this in the homily he gave. I guess earlier today Father said the deacon looked good in pink. Our deacon told us that he quickly pointed out to father that it was not pink… but rose. :stuck_out_tongue:


What color is required?

Our priest wore purple and said it was no longer required to where rose and he didn’t look good in that color. Is he right?


I don’t know where he found that it was “no longer required” to wear rose on the third Sunday of Advent unless his bishop had made the decision; off hand I cannot think of any U.S. diocese which has done so. (although there certainly may be one, and I’m sure any member who reads this thread will let us know!) And why would he care how he ‘looks’ in a color?? How. . .shallow that sounds.


Our priest wore rose.


The wearing of Rose is optional for the Third Sunday of Advent.
The Priest can wear either Rose or Violet.


We had a visiting priest who said the Mass. He wore rose. Our priest gave the homily and wore a violet stole. Our vestments are limited.


A pinkish rose, lighter than I’ve seen in a while. The Altar wa also in rose. Of course that was at the Indult.

I stopped in at the Parish as well… Purple everywhere. They say Rose is old style and no longer used.


Hot pink :frowning:

Our priest is phenomenally orthodox but has ugly vestments at times. I wonder if he would be open to me buying him some new ones??



(I know you live in the US… but it wouldnt do any harm to drool :))

Besides, you may be able to arrange shipping. Anyhow, there are some wonderful antique vestments on there - if anything it is good to look at the pictures.


I don’t think it’s ever BEEN required - purple and rose are both permitted options.

As for ‘how he looks’ - he may be worried about appearing effeminate is all. Read some of the threads here about effeminate priests - he may have something of a point.


Our pastor wasn’t too happy about it – even commented at the beginning of mass that the entrance song should have been “tip toe through the tulips” – but he still wore pink saying that the third Sunday of Advent was there to symbolize rejoicing. The candle is pink and so were his vestments.

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