What color vestments would you like used at your funeral mass?


Given the choice, what color of vestments would you like worn for your funeral mass?

  • Black
  • Violet
  • White
  • Other
  • No Preference

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If you have a preference, why?

Blue vestments for Marian feasts?

Black. It seems like the mood should match the clothes


The yearly question on “What color vestments were used on All Souls” got me thinking about how many people would chose various colors for their own funeral mass if they were given the choice.

For me I would chose black. The primary reason is I think many people have lost vision of Church teaching on purgatory. We use white for the feasts of non-martyred saints and using black rather that white at my funeral I would hope would remind people that I am hopefully in purgatory and need their prayers.

I also think it is good to let people know that is is okay to mourn. Now maybe I’m presumptuous in thinking people would want to mourn and many would want to see white or gold at my passing in celebration (and not for me entering the Father’s house :wink: )

It black were not an option, my next preference would be violet.

So what would you choose given the option?


No preference at all. Yes, I believe in the sanctity of the body. I’m done with that version of it, and doing either purification, visiting God and other friends, or, heaven forbid, shoveling coal into a furnace. So the exact externals of that funeral are not anywhere on top of the list.



I’ll be dead, so I reckon I’ll be way beyond thinking about whether the priest is in white vestments or blue jeans. I’d frankly just be happy to have a priest there at all given the number of people who die in wars or disasters and don’t get the sendoff from a priest. I reckon he will wear whatever his priestly manual of instructions tells him to wear, and that’s fine with me.


I’d like the vestments to be cleaned and pressed, and men always look sharp in a nice, clean white. White is easy to mess up, so it means they won’t act like pigs at the luncheon afterwards.


I have no preference


Gold would be my first choice.


For my mom’s funeral, the priest wore gold


Black, but very very few parishes in this part of the woods own a set of black vestments.


Whatever my loved ones would want. I don’t care. I will hopefully have already gone where I have always wanted to go.


I never notice what the priest is wearing, ever, so I’ll notice the same amount at my own funeral.



And I have a black chasuble set aside so that no one can claim that there is not one available when the time comes.

It’s right there with the violet chasuble that my body will be wearing, likewise provided so that no one can claim that there is not one available.


Your priest wears his vestments to lunch?

Are you serious? Does he (or they) really do that?


That would not happen at my parish.

Nope. Would not happen.


There is nothing impolite about saying that I would not wear or allow gold vestments at a funeral in my parish.


White, of course.

My bishop and my brother priests will be celebrating the happiest day in my life – the culmination of an incredible span of years in service to the Church – the end of my pilgrimage after a life filled with what I could never have dreamed of when I aspired to be a priest.

And it will be a theologian’s attainment of the Lord to Whom my life’s work. classroom lectures, research, writing, and study has been devoted across the decades.

Positively no black. No violet.


Black or violet. At my deathbed, I will be asking my friends and family to wear black or any dark color.

Now if the priest who’ll preside over my funeral Mass wears white, I’ll haunt him in his dreams. Bwahahahaha!
(this is to be taken as a joke. Peace to all!)


Black for first choice, but violet if black is not available. Definitely not white.

White would seem to suggest that the deceased person has gone straight to Heaven and that we should rejoice and be glad. While this might be the case for some, we ought not make this presumption. Funerals are a day for grief, mourning and offerring up prayer for the soul of the deceased.

But not many diocesan priests seem to have black vestments. I know of one near me who does, but he is no longer our parish priest. Perhaps leaving provision in one’s will to buy a set of black vestments for the priest saying the requiem Mass might be an idea.


Father, why do you prefer white? The traditional colour was black but I think white is now the proper colour? I don’t understand why the colour was changed. Black makes more sense to me because that’s what the mourners usually wear. Nevertheless, I don’t think the colour really matters - what matters is that the priest and the people will be praying for me.

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