What color was the Ark?


“Make thee an ark of timber planks: thou shalt make little rooms in the ark, and thou shalt pitch it within and without.” Genesis 6:14

What color was the Ark of Noah? Given the instruction to “pitch” it within and out, would this mean the ark was coated in tar like pitch; or merely sealed in the seams?:smiley:


It was a boat. it was wood and covered in pitch to make it water tight

so black?


I’d imagine they pitched it all over, inside and out; as the goal was not just to close the seams, but to keep the wood from waterlogging.

Therefore, black.



The pitch i have used is greenish black…kind of hard to describe…



Calm down! :slight_smile:

Any kind of interest in the events of Scripture is commendable , IMNAAHO!



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You know, I often wonder about stuff like this. Some may say “who cares?” but really, it shows a soul just dreaming about God. Like a swooning lover who sits and thinks, “I wonder what so-and-so is doing right now”. To wonder about intimate details regarding Scripture, while in itself admittedly, is not the road to Salvation, shows a heart beating fast making one giddy with love for their God.



It does make a difference in regards to reports of “Ark” finds. If someone says they found the Ark; you can ask what color was it? The consensus is it’s black. So any claims should reflect that. Any wood from the outer hull of the ark should have black pitch. Unless Noah had Rust-Oleum or something else back then that would have given it a different color. Also the pitch might improve the survivability of the ark over time.:thumbsup:


Yeah but just because pitch is a certain colour is not to say that other coloured paints might not have been available and painted over the layer of pitch.

I must respectfully disagree that speculation on this topic shows a soul’s love for God. I mean if, say, scripture had revealed that God had said the Ark was to be coloured, or to be a certain colour, then maybe. But the fact that such is neither indicated in Scripture nor particularly flows from what is revealed there shows that it apparently was an issue of supreme unconcern to God, Noah and the author.

King David loved God. He meditated on God, His law, His deeds and His creation, not on secular man made objects like Noah’s Ark. There are better ways to express a love of God than to speculate on such things.




Perhaps it had gold filigree around decorative scrollwork on the windowsills and doorframes, and a nice camouflage pattern on the rest of the ship… Or maybe it was just a large, wooden ship covered inside and out with pitch. Keep in mind, if it still exists somewhere, it has been around for a few thousand years (what would the weather have done to the pitch? I don’t know!). God certainly didn’t think it was necessary to give us this information in His written word (and I’m not aware of any “traditional” teaching on this topic). Fortunately, my faith is not dependent upon this information, or even finding the remains of the Ark.

I agree with LilyM that speculation on this topic does not show a souls love for God. God Himself tells us in His word, “For the rest, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever modest, whatsoever just, whatsoever holy, whatsoever lovely, whatsoever of good fame, if there be any virtue, if any praise of discipline, think on these things.” (Phi 4:8 DRA).


To me, it is what it is, the first curse liner lol. I would image it would be at the seems mainly, but in their hurried state, it would look pretty dark, especially inside to add extra protection. Makes me wonder how they avoided hitting mountains as the world filled up with water and how many people tried to use grappling hooks trying to get on the boat and if the family had to kill anyone off. I would imagine the whole scene being very chaotic and brutal as people would get on fishing boats to try to escape and people fighting over things that could float. Then the ocean beasts would swallow and tear through what would be left. Man my mind is going outside the box today.


The word for ‘Pitch’ in Hebrew is ‘kapher’. It is the same word used for ‘Atonement’.

The ark was made with Gopher wood. ‘Gopher’ means ‘covering’.

The Ark was covered with Atonement. The scripture indicates that God shut the door of the ark. All of this was God’s work, and a symbol of Baptism (the flood waters), and a symbol that God would make atonement through Christ and that all who believe will be covered with this pitch.

(source yahuahfolder.s3.amazonaws.com/Torahportions/Turah%20Portions%20Noach.pdf )


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