What color would you wear to a Rite of Election?

This question is for adults going through RCIA for confirmation rite of election. What do you wear to a Rite of Election? Sunday best. Is it as big of a deal as not wearing black to a marriage, for example? Thanks

Professional business attire, or what you would ordinarily wear to a Sunday Mass, is most appropriate.


I agree. It’s an important occasion and you want to treat it as one.

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I wore my black skirt as I remember one of the church ladies pulling my skirt down after I had been to the “private room” where the skirt had climbed up a bit on my behind. A blouse and cardigan but I can’t remember the colours. It was winter with freezing degrees.

It is not the time to show off all jewellery and fancy clothes during the Rite of Election. It takes place during Lent so keep that in mind.

I’d probably wear something “nice”, “fancy” even, it’s an important day.

Just nice appropriate Mass clothing.

I’m not sure that color really matters, at least as far as I understand. Since it’s during Lent, maybe if you coordinate liturgically you could wear something purple. I just plan to wear what I usually wear to Mass - a long sleeve floral dress and tights! :slight_smile:

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I’d wear black or grey, because I wear black or grey every day. Black slacks with an either black or grey top.

There is no prohibition against wearing jewelry during Lent.

I’ve been on our parish RCIA team for 20+ years…all the parishes in the diocese come to the Cathedral for the Rite…not everyone has ‘Sunday best’…get a haircut/trim…be well-groomed…wear clean, presentable clothing [this means different things to different people, and I’m sure your Bishop understands this.].

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