What constitutes being Catholic?


Found a disagreement about this on another thread. So I ask for the sake of discussion, what constitutes being a full fledge Catholic?


Doing our best to follow the Catechism would be my two cents.


Doesn’t father Mike have a video of this on you tube?


I’d say the minimum for “full-fledge” Catholic is being baptized and confirmed and submitting to the Roman Pontiff as well as believing all teachings of the Church on matters of faith and morals.


It depends on your definition of “catholic”.

A full fledged Catholic is a Roman Catholic.

Any baptized person is a member of the body of Christ or catholic (assuming he is still in a state of grace).


Do you mean canonically?

Or something else?


Canonially: Having been received into the Catholic Church.

Personal: Someone who does their best to follow Catholic teachings, votes in line with them and does not disagree with them (at least publicaly and if there is private disagreement lives in line with it anyway).


Not all full fledged Catholics are Roman Catholic. The 23 Rites in communion with Rome might disagree with you.


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At Mass each Sunday, the people attending recite several Acts of Faith.

[I would look it up, but my missal has walked.]



And who asked for a list?



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Well I had to step up “My game”. I used to be the “Father Mike video champ” here and I was slipping so I had to get back to it. LOL!

He does give good advice and I think he tries to make it relatable because he works on a college campus and deals with a lot of young adults. He knows their attention spans are all over the place and he has to make sure they will hear the whole answer.


That’s a tougher question than people would even think. There’s “Anglo-Catholics” in Anglicanism that consider themselves Catholic but aren’t in communion with the Holy See, for example. I think Orthodox Christians also claim to belong to the one holy, catholic and apostolic church. Basically I think any apostolics are going to claim to be catholic.

I don’t personally hold much against Anglo-Catholics or Orthodox Christians. I think all Apostolic Christianity is beautiful. My wish is just that someday we can all be one, like Jesus prayed for.


Pope Benedict in particular has made great effort to unite Catholics and Anglo-Catholics. He established personal Anglican ordinariates. They were established to enable Anglo-Catholics to join the Catholic Church while preserving elements of their liturgical and spiritual patrimony. They are juridically equivalent to dioceses.


I would remove that second one because it is too specific and possibly politically motivated. I think it is enough to say that one is living their faith in all areas of their life.

Why single out voting and not, say, in their career or home life?

Voting is a civic duty, no doubt. But “voting in line” with Church teaching is a huge gray area. Even candidates who call themselves Catholic don’t always stand for all things Catholic. And no political party that I know of fully aligns with Church teachings on faith and morality.

I use my faith and my mind when election season comes around, and I do my best to vote according to my Catholic conscience. But that one act every couple years hardly determines whether or not I’m a Catholic!

My work with students and their families – day in and day out, even in the summer as I create materials, units, and pray for them – seems far more connected to my faith than the rare instances of voting.

Just my two cents… but thanks for giving me something to think about regarding putting my faith into action. :+1:t4:


Hi Seagull thank you for your input. I must say though that I don’t know where to start in terms of figuring out this question. Many here have offered good explanations and have given me resources. If you would like to to the same, then great, if not then please don’t be rude. I am only asking a question on Catholic Answers Forum, a place to find Answers to Catholic questions.

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Thank you! :blush:


I assumed following would be taken as lives in line with. There are too many people IMO who say I think x is wrong but should be legal. Generally I don’t think that’s OK for a Catholic.

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