What constitutes "cooperation" with state abortion laws?

If you are an employee of the state government in a state that legalizes late term abortion/infanticide like New York has done, and your job is with an agency that is or may be involved with implementation of the law – for example, the Dept. of Health or the Dept. of Insurance – how do you determine whether your job will constitute sinful cooperation with this law? Does simply processing paperwork for an abortion clinic license or a Medicaid claim for an abortion count? What if your office is involved in the process of revising state regulations to conform to the law – is that just doing your job or is it “upholding” or “facilitating” abortion in a way that puts you out of communion with the Church? If your employee health insurance covers abortion, are you obligated to give it up? Does your financial situation and ability or inability to find other employment make a difference?

If you’re just doing your routine work for the state, like processing health claims generally or issuing licenses generally, and some claim or license comes up that’s associated in some manner with abortion (or transgenderism or birth control or other issue the Church teaches against) then it’s my understanding you don’t have to be concerned about sin in just doing your normal job of processing these claims or licenses. You may not even recognize them as being related to abortion when they cross your desk. If it still bothers you, then I would suggest that you look into another line of work.

If they had a special department for just dealing with abortion claims or abortion clinics, then you might want to transfer out, but it doesn’t sound like that is the case.

And of course you don’t have to give up your health insurance. The intent of you having health insurance is to cover you and your family’s health care in a way you can afford, not to support abortion. If abortion is supported as a side effect of the law and you can’t do anything about it - there’s no box to check to keep your money from.covering that - then you, as a person who needs an insurance benefit, aren’t on the hook for it.

In general, if you are a nurse in a clinic that is an abortion clinic, a receptionist, an escort, if you provide transportation, then that would be immoral.
If you work in a hospital and you provide food for the patients one or another may possibly be in for an abortion then that would not be immoral.

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