What constitutes liturgical dance?


My parish has been told that a couple of young girls will be carrying a crown up to the front of the church in honor of Christ the King. At what point does a presentation of this nature become a liturgical dance?

It is said that they will be walking in a similar graceful manner as bridesmaids during a wedding do. They will be holding a crown on a cushion held high for all to see. What if they decide to twirl once or twice? What if they start to include ballet steps? It seems as if it would be easy to turn a simple presentation into a liturgical dance.


The analogy to bridesmaids that you’ve been given is a helpful one. Bridesmaids do not twirl, pirouette, or leap down the aisle at weddings. They walk in procession, usually carrying flowers. If these girls do any more than process down the aisle with the crown, holding it so that it may be seen, then it would be fair to politely ask the pastor how he envisions that the girls’ entrance could be compared to that of bridesmaids at a wedding.

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