What constitutes not having Communion?


When are you obligated to not partake in Communion? What would you have to have done to prevent you from having it? A certain type of sin, an unrepented sin…? I’m wondering whether or not I should have Communion this week.

What types of things would provent the worshiper from having Communion?
Thank you.


You cannot be conscious of any mortal sin, and you must fast for one hour (excluding medication and water) before recieving


What do you mean by “conscious”? For that one week? Or longer?


If you know of ANY unconfessed mortal sin, you may not recieve communion until you go to confession. This is basic knowledge of the Sacrament of the Eucharist.


In this case, “conscious” would mean “aware of having committed any mortal sin at all, which has not yet been absolved in Confession.”

So, the minute you commit a mortal sin, you are prohibited from receiving Holy Communion until you go to Confession. Under most ordinary cirucmstances, before somebody starts bringing up unusual exceptions.



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