What could be done to most improve Sunday Mass attendance?


Catechize the parish at Mass about parts of the mass. Like that you don’t bow or put your head down when the Priest lifts the Eucharist, you are supposed to behold.


Yep. One thing I am absolutely convinced of is that most Catholics would benefit richly if a 2-5 minute bit of catechesis was dovetailed with every Sunday homily.


I did ask my brother the Protestant about this last night. They take stuff like attendance very seriously at his thriving megachurch. They also do quarterly and bi-annual polling of different matters that effect members of their church. He said that preaching is by far the most important thing to members. In some cases they go through great lengths to find pastors (they have several) who preach with excellence. Number two is the overall quality of their service. Third was the quality of the ministries – from greeters, to readers to missionaries. Fourth was believe it or not, parking – and they have spent a lot of effort and $$$ to ensure they have plenty of parking. Fifth was fellowship.


That truly is awesome. Good on him! But to be honest, and I’m not trying to make an excuse, Christmas and Easter Sunday is OVERWHELMING at my parish. Up to three Masses are being celebrated simultaneously. It would just be very difficult to get a coordinated message from the pastor out to everyone. But we should find a way.


Jesus simply calls us to evangelize the culture in our various ways with our diverse gifts. This is the MOST important thing we must be doing to improve Sunday Mass attendance.

Getting into middle management and upper management discourse tends to be outside our sphere of influence.


He includes it in his homily, if I remember correctly. Or maybe at the end of Mass?


Which merely re-emphasises the need for the lay faithful to turn to theologians when it comes to how to understand and apply the catechism.


I do get that not everyone would listen to this message even if it was preached. It’s not an easy commitment these days.


That particular Catechism passage I quoted is very clear. It doesn’t need a theologian to interpret it


2038 In the work of teaching and applying Christian morality, the Church needs the dedication of pastors, the knowledge of theologians, and the contribution of all Christians and men of good will. Faith and the practice of the Gospel provide each person with an experience of life “in Christ,” who enlightens him and makes him able to evaluate the divine and human realities according to the Spirit of God. Thus the Holy Spirit can use the humblest to enlighten the learned and those in the highest positions.

Theologians are a part of the equation. And depending on what version of theologian one picks today, and they run the gamut in beliefs, one needs to be careful who they listen to.


the narrow road is hard and few are on it.


1 example

At a seminary event I attended, a bishop ameritus said to me when I said to him that C&E Catholics were in mortal sin. He launched back immediately with, “you can’t say that”. To which I said, I don’t say that the CCC says it. Then he said, if all showed up every Sunday what would we do with them? To which I said, Really? Is that the message you gave, and how you ran your diocese, and in extension the message you gave your priests about such behavior? He walked away. Yep, he walked away.

There are too many poorly formed Catholics out there, who would actually listen to him, agree with him, and follow him in that atrocious message he gave because they don’t know any better and particularly don’t know their faith. For all I know, he continues to give that same message, although retired, he attends broadly attended Church functions.

I think I gave you this link. You might have opened it already and heard the homily. If not here it is again.
A NDE story of Fr Jose, told in a homily at mass by Fr Joseph Mary Wolf of EWTN. He saw priests and bishops in hell.
1.He didn’t expect to see THEM,
2. they were there because of bad teaching and bad example


Found it, paragraph 12 http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/210103.htm


While I do not doubt this could happen, this report is not the basis for any belief. It is hearsay about something that is not reliable, as in, a doctrine of the faith. It is possible that we have been too heavily influenced by Dante, which is literature, no Scripture.

In any case, the mere fact that a priest or bishop could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing must not be an excuse to take all Scripture interpretation and understanding of Catholic tradition and put it under our own individual interpretation. That is Protestantism, not Catholicism.


For those entrusted to lead the “flock” God bless them and help them to do YOUR will—not theirs, not the world’s, not ours but Your will Oh Lord. Praying for all priests, religious brothers and sisters, Deacons, Seminarians, Bishops, Cardinals, our Pope, all discerning vocations to and preparing for the priesthood and religious life.


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