What could get you excommunicated?


I’m just curious about excommunication since I don’t know much about it.

1)What could get you excommunicated?
2) And what do you do to get the excommunication lifted?
3) Can anyone of any age be excommunicated?
4) What exactly happens?

I’m really curious, please answer.


I would suggest you start by reading the article found here:


Asking questions like “What could get you excommunicated?”.

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There’s excommunication of the formal type, and then there’s "self-excommunication:

1) What could you do to get excommunicated?
Officially: EXTREMELY GRAVE and persistant public sin, heresy, blasphemy, especially leading OTHERS into sin as well.
Self-Excommunication: EXTREMELY GRAVE sin, public or private, such as having an abortion

2) Getting UN-excommunicated:
Confession and talk to the local bishop would be the best start. Excommunication is the purview of the church and so there is no set policy. An excommunicated king in the middle ages was rumored to have stood outside the vatican clothed as a beggar asking forgiveness for a week before he was forgiven. Obviously, that is not the case today. and getting un-“Self Excommunicated” is even less difficult a process.

3) Age you can be excommunicated:
any, past the age of reason (generally considered 7 years old by tradition in the church)

4) What happens to the excommunicated?
They cannot take communion or participate in the sacraments or the mass of the church. In old days, being excommunicated often was like a scarlett letter, but today that is not so. HOWEVER, due to the grave nature of sin required to BE excommunicated, it is reasonable to presume that those who die in that state have a good possibility of earning a one way trip to a very hot place.


There are quite a few references to it in canon law; you may want to try searching that (I don’t have an online reference link as my electronic copy suffices for me).

Some examples:

  1. Preaching a heresy
  2. Striking clergy
  3. Procuring an abortion
  4. Defiling the Eucharist

Some of these require a bull of excommunication; others (such as procuring abortion) result in excommunication the instant the act occurs and no bull is necessary.

Repentance is required, plus approval of the appropriate authority, to remove excommunication.

When you are excommunicated, you are denied all the sacraments of the church.


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