What could make EWTN better?

I think EWTN would be much better if it included more apologetics!!! (Like “What Catholics Really Believe” - I liked that series that was on for a couple of weeks)

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EWTN has some new shows and I especially like the bible study with Rosalind Moss.

Including program descriptions for it’s shows. We have Dish network and the program descriptions all say “Religious” So I end up recording the same programs over and over. :shrug:

If it were available ala carte instead of as part of a cable package with a lot of channels that I don’t want or need.

In the meantime, I enjoy it whenever I stay in a hotel and occasionally online.


I might even get cable if the local supplier carried it~I do catch some stuff online and in hotels occasionally.

running mother angelica every day

she is the one that got me reinterested in the faith


If it were carried by Cox Cable’s standard package . . . :frowning:

I caught a show last night online from EWTN called “Ask Mr Chesterton”~that was really good:thumbsup:

More discussion shows like the ones with Scott Hahn…and I can’t think of the other fellow’s names right now.

Also more Catholic movies, although I realize these cost money.

I flipped over to EWTN early one evening and there was “The Loretta Young Show”! Anyone remember that? I wonder if it’s on often and I’m just missing it.

They need more discussion of core religious issues and perhaps a few documentaries.

sports. maybe EWTN could start programming college (catholic) sports on friday nights and saturday afternoons. most colleges video tape their sports and maybe EWTN could get access to the video feed for little or no cost.

Same here.

I can watch EWTN online. So I’ll join in and say I would like to see Catholic/Protestant debates. I like debates.

What core religous issues do you have in mind? just curious.

I agree with almost all the great ideas here. It would be great to have more regularity to the programing. I would also love to see more documentaries, Catholic movies, and more solid programs for teens. Being a Catechist, I know these things would keep the teens I teach interested in EWTN programs, which is always a good thing.
In the end, I am prayerfully glad that EWTN is there for us.
God Bless You All:)

Documentaries and movies cost money, lots of money and time, to make! I think they get these sorts of things from outside sources that make them and give permission to EWTN to air them. For instace the Teresa of Avila series/movie which is excellent.

EWTN does a ton of good work with not a lot of resources. If you ever get the chance go visit the tv studio and you will see how much they do with so little.

I watched it about 4 years ago. It was dry, boring, stuffy and seemed to be marketed for the age group 60-85 years old.

There were very few uplifting, exciting or entertaining programs.

So, its not for me. EWTN could become edgier I suppose and show some well financed documentaries.

Show more americans of different
races, so people can see that the Catholic Church is for everyone.

Something similar to World Over.

Interesting point~I’m finishing up the Alex Jones story, and he goes into depth about how it felt to go into essentially a “White/European” Catholic Church, and how he wasn’t always well received by all the parishoners there~but he kept going because it’s the true Church and it’s for all…just stuff I had never considered before he wrote about regarding cultural differences; real eye-opener.

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