What could possibly was Pilate's wife mean?


Matthew 27:19 When he was sat down on the judgment seat, his wife sent unto him, saying, Have nothing to do with that just man: for I have suffered many things this day in a dream because of him.

Did she mean for her husband to stop in the middle of Jesus’ trial, turn his back around and say to the crowds, “Sorry, this is none of my business.” ?


Pilate’s wife had some kind of dream the night before, warning her that a holy man, a good man would come before Pilate and that if Pilate judged him guilty and put this man to death realizing that it was a set up, that bad things would happen. Whatever her dream was, it obviously greatly concerned her and she went to Pilate after seeing Jesus and recognizing him as the man in her dream, and warned Pilate to " have nothing to do with this just man". Pilate didn’t listen to her.


Perhaps in her dream she saw crowds of people reciting the Creed, in churches down through the ages, repeating over and over the words “suffered under Pontius Pilate.”


That is exactly what he did. He called for water, a bowl and washed his hands in front of the mob telling them to look to it themselves; he was out. It let him off legally, but morally he is still responsible because he could have stopped it but was afraid of the crowd.


D-R Bible, Haydock Commentary:

Ver. 19. In a dream. We must remark, that these kind of dreams were not unusual among the Gentiles, being sent by God for some just and necessary reason; as on this occasion, that there might be a public testimony from the Gentiles, of the justice and innocence of Christ. (St. Jerome)


Good one.


I wrote a poem about this Pilates Wife Dreams I think that what she had in mind was that the Roman Governor should not kill an innocent man and that it was within his power not to do so. I think St Matthew relates it for the same reason he, and he alone, told us about the Magi, that is to let his readers know that Gentiles who were responsive to the Spirit could discern truths about Jesus that most Jews at that time could not because they were resisting the Spirit.

A troubled sleep in the morning
Light of unsettled Jerusalem.

Images chase each other in
Horrid, hurried blood tinted hues.

A man, young and strong and
Open, betrayed and alone.

I see Him, I see His pain
The swords, the torches,
the treacherous kiss.

The mouth, apt to smile
I see it struck and spat upon.

A back, strong to carry another’s
Burden, scourged, its flesh
Ripped apart.

And you, my irresolute husband
I see you, not glorious
Not Imperial.

Hands, which I know are
Healers hands, I see too
Nailed to unforgiving wood…


She did not want her husband to have anything to do with the death of Jesus (a Man she knew to be innocent from a dream she had had); she knew Jesus was innocent and her dream made her fear for herself and for her husband if Jesus were to be condemned by Pilate.


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