What country, what religion...


Hi there,
Just curious to know, what is the percentage of catholics in your home country?


I’ll do my original country; according to the CIA World Fact Book
Puerto Rico is 85% Catholic
In the State I live in Georgia (USA) it’s approx 3% Catholic
As for the US I’ll let someone else chime in.


In my country, Philippines, it’s now 81%. Please note that this used to be 85% we’re loosing 1million each year to other sect/religion.

[from www.infoplease.com and complete figures are as follows:
Roman Catholic 81%, Evangelical 3%, Iglesia ni Kristo 2%, Aglipayan 2%, other Christian 5%, Islam 5% (2000)]


I pray that it may increase once again


US 24% in 2002, NC 3.2% in 1996, (from adherents.com)

about 5% or less, looks like, in 2000



Australia - seems to have been a pretty stable 26% or 27% of the population here over the last few censuses.


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I worked on a census, once. We accepted callithumpian (which seems to have a different meaning in America)


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Vietnam - somebody told me it was about 7% Catholic out of…about 70 millions people. However, we had many people died for the Catholic faith. There are over 100 canonized Martyers.


US it’s like a quarter of the population. I’m tempted to say it’s higher in Florida because we’re not quite Bible Belt and we have a lot of Hispanic people, who tend to be Catholic. There are a lot of Catholic churches in my home town (I can think of eight off the top of my head and I know there are more).

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