What courses you take in theology major?


What are usually the conditions to be accepted?


At Franciscan, I am currently winding down my master’s in theology. I recall them asking for a couple references and I had to make sure to take any undergrad prerequisites. For an undergrad degree, it might be less. But I’m sure they could tell you in Admissions.


It was a long time ago but I needed prerequisites in theology and philosophy. Course work consisted in a core curriculum of fundamentals of theology, liturgy and sacraments, OT, Nt, morality, Christology, Ecclesiology, history go the Church and electives. In the years since I graduated they huddled a few more core courses and upped the number of credits squired.


It depends on the program and the area you wish to focus on. Furthermore it also depends on if you are coming out of college, CEGEP, or high school. Your best bet is to contact admissions or the programs academic advisor because the variables for entry into theology vary according to program and school.


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