What dancing would be wrong?

I know it’s obvious that you shouldn’t dance for sexual pleasure or stuff like grinding and twerking, but I was wondering if there was any specific thing in dancing that would be sinful. I’m asking since when I go for a run and listen to music I imagine dancing, but not for anything sexual. I never get turned on, but was wondering if there were any specific kinda of dances or thing I was supposed to avoid. That, or should I just not worry about this since I’m not trying to think of the characters as dancing for sexual reasons and just dancing to the music?
Note: I’m scrupulous, recently diagnosed with OCD, so yeah.

Note: The kind of dancing I usually think the characters are doing is like in this video

If you are scrupulous and have OCD, then you need to discuss issues like this with a spiritual director.

It sounds to me though like you have a good handle on what is appropriate and what isn’t for now.

Ummmm the video was kind of weird IMO, but nothing wrong with wanting to dance I don’t think… Music makes me want to dance!

Disclaimer, I did not watch the whole video…

That was… Interesting.

I think you’re fine. There’s nothing wrong with dancing in and of itself.

Is this fine?—>http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-dance019.gif

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