What denomination are your non Catholic friends?

What denomination are your non Catholic friends?

Baptist, Anglican (ACNA), Sunni Muslim, Reformed Jew, atheist/agnostic, Hindu, I am sure there are some Methodists and Presbyterians in there somewhere.

Nazarene, Pentecostal, Assemblies of God, Methodist, Anglican (Episcopal and ACNA).

If by “friend”you mean “people I hang out with on my own free time voluntarily”, then — Methodist, Evangelical with Baptist leanings, non-denominational, bit most of my friends were at least baptized Catholic.

Among my patients—Quakers, Mennonites, Lutherans, Presbyterian, Episcopalians, Baptist, Ethical Culture, Jewish, Unitarian Universalist, Muslim, Hindu, lots of non-Denominational. (And of course Catholic).

Jewish, non practicing Catholics, atheists, salvation army,
Episcopal, Methodist, nondenominational and I guess that is it.

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Nominal types(I’m spiritual not religious), Baptist, Anglican etc.

All of the above and then some…probably the only one not included is “satanist” but I can’t say 100%

If they practice any faith, Episcopalian, Unitarian, Lutheran. Most don’t go to any church: the spiritual but not religious types. One friend does yoga on Sundays and considers it her spiritual life.

They’re baptists; and I go to a baptist church.


There are too many ‘denominations’ out there to keep track of.

“Nones” which means not identifying with any church. Well say they are Christian but don’t worship or attend

Nondenominational mainly. I’m working on them.


Mostly non-practicing. Either Christian-lite, Deist, agnostic and a few atheists. Not many practice any religion at all. Some are into “alternative” spirituality or superstition.

Either agnostic, Hindu, or nondenominational Chinese christian

Most of mine happen to be Methodist, Southern Baptist, Assembly of God, or non-denominational.

I am non-Catholic but have a few Catholic friends, too, but they are definitely a minority where I live or I would probably have more. I grew up in a different state that had more Catholics, so I had more Catholic friends when I was young. Maybe that’s why I am not prejudiced against Catholicism like some non-Catholics where I live.


Baptists, Assembly of God, Methodist, the rest are Catholic

That seems so bizarre to me. If they say they are Christian, how do they deal with verses like Hebrews 10:25?

And as a Catholic, I appreciate that!

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There are many Calvinist Protestant friends of mine. And also Sunni Muslims.

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