What denominations believe in OSAS?

I was wondering if someone could be denomination specific about which religions believe in OSAS? I know Baptists do. I was wondering about Presbyterians, Methodists, Lutherans etc. more so.

I think you have to first have to have an understanding of OSAS. It really is not a denominational distinctive.

If by OSAS you mean that once you have saving faith, you cannot lose it, Lutherans do not.

  1. We also reject and condemn the dogma that faith and the indwelling of the Holy Ghost are not lost by wilful sin, but that the saints and elect retain the Holy Ghost even though they fall into adultery and other sins and persist therein.

[bookofconcord.org/fc-ep.php#IV. Good Works.](“http://www.bookofconcord.org/fc-ep.php#IV. Good Works.”)


Yeah I think that’s a reformed thing, but I could be wrong.

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