What did God think of Neanderthals or other hominids?


So the fossil record makes it pretty undeniable that these beings at one point existed. Chronological discrepancies between there’s and our existence aside, were they given souls and stood as our brothers and sisters? Or did they fall in the same category as animals?
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The science is still out whether they actually are a separate species. Given the complex tools, constructing buildings, evidence of interbreeding with humans boats, cooking food, possessing art, language, bury their dead, etc. I’m inclined to consider them human.


I am pretty much the same way although I do have a little doubt about it.


Science cannot tell us what God thought of them nor whether they had souls. Since God did not choose to reveal this information to us, the answer to your question is that we do not and will never know.


Hi Michael,

There is no scientific evidence for a soul. There is no scriptural reference to hominids. If you look at the different races that exist today, you’ll see differences in the shape of the cranium and other anatomical differences. Whatever hominids were, they were not human beings, just animals similar to the chimpanzee. Neanderthals did not fall into the hominid category. Many people today carry Neanderthal DNA.




I love your posts but for the first time I can say you’re partly incorrect.

We may never know in this lifetime, but if we get to Heaven, we can find out. (Of course, by that time, it would be moot…!) :wink:


He didn’t create that, it is a scientific lie.


I think he thought his creation was good.


What was good about them? not talking down about them, just wondering what good or bad they could be…imo, they were neither, they pretty much just existed, they hunted for food, and used all of the animal for other needs, clothing, shelter, tools from bones, etc. so I dont really see anything good or bad, they just kind of existed for no particular reason.

It is VERY strange though, that God had literally NO relationship with them, not even mentioned in the bible! I mean, we know our purpose is to glorify God,(even animals exist to glorify God) but they had no idea about any god and I doubt they would have worshiped anything anyway.

It kind of seems they were like a ‘test’ before settling on a more human ‘design’.

Im going to ask the senior priest at my parish about this, Im curious what he will say.


Doesn’t the Catholic Church teach that all living things including humans, animals, and plants have souls but that they have different types of souls?


Why do you think this?


I was quoting off of Genesis and how God said all his creation was good.


Yes, Holly. Animals and plants have material souls while people have spiritual souls. The OP was talking about the latter.


I can find no reference to plants or animals having souls. Perhaps you have one?



Had this been the 18th/19th century you might have asked the same question about Blacks. Do they have souls, rights, etc? Many then claimed they weren’t 100% human.
According to preliminary DNA sequences, 99.7% of the base pairs of the modern human and Neanderthal genomes are identical*.

I think that is your answer. The Chinese, N American Indians & a host of folk are not mentioned in the Bible. Does that mean we dismiss them? Modern science often talks a lot of hooey & changes its position more often than a rattle-snake changes its skin. Of course these people were human. Most N. Europeans have some Neanderthal genes in their make-up. These groups interbreed; ergo same species. Of course the early Europeans wiped them out as they did with so many ‘native’ peoples they encountered, conquered & eradicated.

Sorry you are going to meet a lot of Neanderthals in Heaven.


From the things I learned about these people and the time they were alive, it is pretty clear to me they only cared about finding food, fertile hunting grounds, shelter, clothing to keep warm, and thats about it. They had a simple life in that regard, they tended to live more like an animal, always searching for food, but they did seek shelter too, so…?

I just dont think they would have even thought something as deep as who created us, the planet, etc. I dont think it was a concern of theirs, they only knew what they saw and felt, and if they did believe in some higher power, they had no books, or teachings to go on, so besides sitting there thinking about it and guessing, thats about as far as it would have gone, and then back to the pressing matters…finding food, shelter.


They created structures, mixed dyes, created art, made boats, buried their dead.


St Thomas, following Aristotle, uses this terminology. Historically “soul” simply meant “principle of life”. And using the word soul in this sense it becomes clear that plants and animals, since they are alive must have a soul. St Thomas goes on to make all sorts of distinctions between the different kinds of souls, concluding, as did Aristotle that even though all living things have a soul (is a principle of life) only humans have immortal and spiritual souls. Nowadays people tend to use the word soul to refer to immortal souls only, but the term is still applicable to plants and animals.


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