What did Islam replace?


I have been trying to find an answer to this question and have had a hard time. As Muhammad and his followers began to spread Islam, what was the predominant religion that the new believers converted from? Obviously, I asking in a general sense. Were the converts mostly Christian or Zoroastrian or something else. Islamic sources say that they were all infidels, but that doesn’t get me anywhere. Any help would be great.


To my knowledge, there was no general religion. While all people did recognize that there was a Supreme Being, most people ultimately succumbed to the worshipping of multiple gods and idols from various cultures. In fact, Mecca was the center of Arabia even prior to Islam, and there was an annual festival which celebrated all the gods. People would come to Mecca from all over Arabia in order to have their idol housed in the Ka’aba. It is estimated that the Ka’aba, at one point, housed as many as 300 unique gods/idols.


arabia was mostly pagan at the time. most people worshipped idols. according to islam, anyone who is not a muslim is an infidel. also, islam teaches that it is the replacement for judiaism and christianity, that muhammed is the final prophet of God and that islam is perfect.the quran says “on this day I (God) have perfected your religion and your religion is islam”


The people of Mecca worshipped an insane Moon god who lived in a black meteorite.
They still do only now they call him Allah:D


Islam Replaced Paganism in Arabia. . Your statement above is false at best . The only time i hear about this moon God myth is from Christian missionaries . Its funny how Christians are telling muslims what they really worship! Mecca is revered because its the house built by abraham to God. ‘‘LATER’’ after many centuries the decendants of Ishmael ‘’ the arabs’’ have adopted paganism brought from Palestine. The Kaba instead of bieng a place for pilgrimage for the one God of Abraham turnbed sadly into a place of pilgrimage for the Idols.



there were Jews, rare Christians, and many Nasara ( Judeo-Christian sect) and pagans surrounding Muhammad.Muhammad was born to a pagan tribe. Muhammad did not start a religion. He embraced the nasara belief ,confirmed it, shaped it and put the final result in an Arabic book. Muslims mistakingly think that Nasara=Christians and this is historically wrong. So you can say he developped the belief of nasara into a doctrine, took some rabbi’s words, and some judeo-Christians legends and we got the Quran. So he replaced the Nasrania with Islam and when he grew in power and started his “futuhaat” ( religious wars?), people converted for different reasons.


The Roman Empire. :smiley:


i see…hmmm…


There were also Christian and Jewish Arab tribes.

And yours a half-truth

Then it’s obvious you don’t live in many Moslem nations, or you’d not ‘hear’ from Christian missionaries; they being banned from several nations (viz. Saudi Arabia)

It’s funny, because the Koran does the same; pretending Christians worship a Trinity of Father, Son, and Mother.

Based simply on the knowledge of this from the Koran?


Islam also replaces the predominately Christian area, the North African Mediterranean region from Algeria to Egypt. The spreading of Islam, not to be mean, caused a decline of importance, the See of Alexandria, the See of the Orientals. The area where St. Augustine was born, Roman Africa, which was almost entirely Christian, was taken over by Muslims. Also you cannot forget Spanish Christians. By the Middle Ages, Christianity was almost extinct in Northern Africa. Please, NO ONE take this offensively, it is just my knowledge of history. Islam also replaced Christianity in the east at the coast of the Meditteranean. It was the cause of the decline of the See of Antioch. Eventually, Islam spread into the Byzantine Empire, and the Muslim leaders overtook the city of Constantinople. They ruled over the Eastern Orthodox, and their blessed Patriarch, with the creation of the Ottoman Empire. It stretched from Algeria all the way to Serbia! But with the patience and meekness of the Eastern Orthodox, they were able to survive the rule of the Ottomans and are free since the early 1900’s.
However, one must think: It is the Muslims that were responsible for the new technology that the Christians used during the Middle Ages.:slight_smile:

But Christianity is making a rapid return.


Read Hilaire Belloc’s The Great Heresies. In it the author explains how so much of Islam is a Christian Heresy rather than a new religion. Mohammed took the things he liked about Catholicism (especially the devotion to Mary) but dumped the sacraments, especially the priesthood. It’s a good read.


Yes, but most of what Muhammed took was from Jews because he wanted to become a Jew.


That explains a lot if it’s true.


Certainly the early Christian response was to see Islam as just another heresy. It’s ideas on Christianity were influenced by Christian heretics.


i’d disagree here. He took mostly from Jews because the Nasara ( Judeo-Christian cult) were more Jewish than Christian…they followed Moses’ law. If you read the NT, you’ll realize the apostles had BIG problems with many Jews converting because these specific Jews wanted to keep the Mosaic law as THE WAY to salvation. The apostles disagreed with them and said that the Mosaic law does not apply to Gentiles who are saved by Jesus and not by the law and that Jews can still apply the law but NOT as the way to salvation because Jesus saved them. These Jews rejected the apostles’ teachings, created troubles in all the churches established by the apostles, and the apostles had to send letter after letter to these churches and they had to visit them to clear up controversies. After the apostles died, these Jewish-Christians were rejected by both the Christians (followers of the apostles whether Jews or Gentiles) and the Jews.With time, and after the destruction of the temple, their doctrines embraced Ebionism and Gnosticism…they became heretics as the Church Fathers say and they ended up in Hijaz and Mecca…these people called themselves Nasara ( from Nazareth :to denote national superiority over Gentiles), they started as orthodox Christians regarding Jesus, but as i said, they became heretics. As John said : they were from us but they left us or something of the like. That’s why you NEVER find the word CHRISTIAN in Quran though it was used since the first century. You find ONLY the word NASARA. Muhammad confused Nasara with Christians. Muhammad embraced the Nasrania, his wife was Nasrania. Muhammad said he came to confirm those who practiced the Mosaic Law and Jesus’ law. The people who did this are the Nasara who rejected the apostles’ teachings regarding the Mosaic Law yet believed in Jesus as the Messiah though they deviated from the orthodox teachings of the apostles regarding Jesus. Hence the Jewish focus in Quran.


indeed. The “it appeared to Jews that they killed the Messiah” is both gnostic and Ebionitic, depending on how you interpret it. Check Basilides, you’ll find him in Quran.


:eek: You may be right!!!


Ancient Accounts of Arabia, 430 BCE - 550 CE

Ancient History Sourcebook


No he wanted the Jews to recognise him as the Messiah… such was his state of mind.

Originally the Moslem faitful in Medina prayed facing Jerusalem. Then they literally turned around and prayed the other direction - to Mecca. Thus heaving their collective bums in the air back to Jerusalem while they prayed.

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