What did Jesus mean by

‘woe to pregnant and breadfeeding mothers in those times’

He is talking of end times, but why would it affect breastfeeding mothers?

He was talking about when the Temple was destroyed by Rome. Being pregnant and having children was bad then, not being able to provide for them or escape as easily from death. Even at the end of times, imagine how much harder it is to survive and exist with children or being pregnant, famines, plagues, wars and destruction, sinners murdering, etc. It is worse for them. Same for people with disabilities, etc


This. The times were brutal.

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It could also be understood as anyone who is pregnant with vices and sins and those who nurture their vices to their own destruction.

At a time when fleeing to the mountains with all haste is called for, carrying a child in her womb, especially late in the pregnancy, or carrying a nursing child, especially a two- or three-year-old, in her arms is going to slow a woman down.

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